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Top 5: Places to buy Enamel Pins Online

Top 5: Places to buy Enamel Pins Online

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I have been collecting enamel pins slowly but steadily, and I thought it would be fun to share my obsession and some of the favorite places I've been getting my pins! 

[Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored by any of the following websites/studios. These are just my opinions, and my own curated list.] 

Emily McDowell Studio

I found Emily's Enamel Pins in a local boutique by my college town, and I keep coming back for them, because they are just inspirational in their own way. 

Her pins are based on medal ribbons that you would get for everyday bravery acts, and they just always brighten my day. 

I currently only have two, but I can see myself owning a few more. 

Choose Hope Over Fear | Put Myself First

Here are some of my favorites: Loved Myself, Kept Going, Gave Myself Permission, Didn't Please Everyone


Strange Ways 

If you want a place full of enamel pins for you to browse, this is by far the best place for you to buy a ton of enamel pins for your backpack/jeans/jackets/whatever else you want. 

They have sarcastic ones, political ones, random ones, and then ones that are just #tootrue. 

Here are some of my favorites: Introvert, Okay, Then & Now, and Feminist 

You probably know of this store for its stationary, but honestly, they have some of best collection of things ever! They are one of those stores that as soon as go into it, you just feel happy and a tad overwhelmed by all the options. 

(I actually really want one of their round bags >_<)

And of course, they have their own selection of enamel pins. Now, their pins are a lot more catered to the female demographic, but that also means that they make great gifts for all females, with or without a sense of humor. 

Here are some of my favorites: No Bad Days, You're Killing It!, Cherry Blossom, I Believe in Red Lipstick.


Stay Home Club 

I also discovered Stay Home Club at the same local boutique as Emily McDowell studio, and fell in love with their pins because of their witty portrayals and sometimes truthful little quotes. 

Even though they do not offer as much selection as other online boutiques, they are unique enough that it beckons you ;) Because so few people will have them!

They are all beautiful, and I wish I could own them all... 

Here are some of my favorites: The Worst is Over, Oh, Dreamer, Fortune, Happy Alone

Dirty Coast 

I am not going to lie, I just googled enamel pins and this was one the 4-5th page. Still, I love the pins they have in their collection! Rather than have it be inspirational, their pins are more food related and that's what I love about it. 

I wish they had a wider selection of food, but what they do have, I'm okay with. 

Here are some of my favorites: Moscow Mule, Bloody Mary, Yakamein, It's Your Birthday


Honorable Mention


For all you plant lovers out these, these enamel pins are going to be your new favorite. These are super cute, and super perfect for a quick slip onto your backpack. 

They are an honorable mention only because of their lack of selection. Even though some of the stores above have little, this one has less. Still, they are so cute that I just couldn't not include them!! 

Here are my favorites: Monstera Leaf (Pink), Eucalyptus Branch, Rose Gold Cactus, Plant Pin Pack (4). 

What are some of your favorite enamel pins?

If you don't have any, what's your favorite decorating tool? 

Monthly Mantra: June 2017

Monthly Mantra: June 2017

Using the Bullet Journal: Blogger

Using the Bullet Journal: Blogger