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Top 5: Gift Tips for the Father That Doesn't Want Anything

Top 5: Gift Tips for the Father That Doesn't Want Anything

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I know this title is insanely long, but how else can I convey this idea? 

I don't know about other father's out there, but my father is the kind of person who never wants anything, and never wants anyone to spend a lot of money on them. So every year, my sister and I always go through the same dilemma: what should we do for our dad? 

If your father is the same as ours, check out the top 5 gift tips I came up with! 

Replace something. 

Now, this isn't necessarily a gift idea, but it is an idea. If they don't want anything new, why don't you just get them a replacement of something? 

A few years ago my father's wallet was falling apart, so for one Father's Day my sister and I sprang for a new leather wallet. He was very happy, since it was something useful. 

Take him out. 

I can't speak for any one else's father's, but my father works hard to provide for my family. So on Father's Day, we typically take him out. It can be for a meal, or for a drink, or just to explore the city a little bit more. 

Give him something to remember the day by. Memories are invaluable. 

Get him something useful. 

If you absolutely have no time to spend with him (i.e. you live far away), get him something useful. This kind of goes hand in hand with 'replace something', but also this can apply to clothing. 

I typically avoid buying clothing for others, but if your mother is willing to help you, you can ask her for assistance for sizing etc. If your parents are separated, see if your father has a sibling he's close with or a family friend that knows him well. 

I will say though, that something useful doesn't have to be clothes. It can be whatever your dad likes to do. My dad likes tinkering, so one time I got him a set of screw drivers. 

Stick with the basics. 

Don't over complicate things. Don't make it elaborate. Because sometimes father's just want a simple acknowledgement of their hard work and dedication to the family. 

So make sure whatever you decide to get him is something that he can use for awhile, and isn't going to have him question why you got it for him. 

Make him something. 

This can range from a cute card, or even a meal. Since Father's Day is a Sunday, you have all day to shower your father with DIY things. 

I typically go the range of a cute card because I can't cook, but it's totally up to you. In the end, it's the thoughts that count. 

Do you have any plans for your dad? 

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