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4 Years of Blogging: Tips & Tricks For New Bloggers

4 Years of Blogging: Tips & Tricks For New Bloggers

I saw someone do a blog post on what they've learnt after 4 years of blogging last month, and then it hit me that my 4 year anniversary also passed in February of this year! 

It never even hit me. Blogging feels so natural to me that I don't even realize I've been doing it for so long. 

But, because of that, I have learned some tips and tricks over the last 4 years of my blogging experience. I hope some of these help you out. But most likely you'll already be doing them or something haha


Stick with a theme of blog posts, but don't be religious about it 

You know, I've heard a lot of people say, choose 3 topics you're passionate about and that's your 'theme'. I don't know about you but that's not the way I want to live. I'm a human being, so I'm interested in a lot of things. Those things end up evolving as I go through experiences so limiting myself to a specific category doesn't work for me. 

What I've worked out is that I choose a lot of topics, and then just post them according to a specific schedule. 

So Monday's is Lifestyle posts. The kinds of post that fall under this is: bullet journaling, random reviews/battles, beauty reviews, etc. 

Wednesday's are How-to posts. This is pretty self-explanatory: I write posts on how-to do this particular thing. 

Friday's are Fashion posts. Because I love clothes so much, I share my outfits. BUT, I don't just share my outfits, I'll also share my fashion tips so it's not just a boring ootd. 

You can see from my posting schedule that my 'themes' are basically everything lol 

Enjoy what you are posting, and other people will enjoy it too 

I've seen some bloggers tip that you need to keep your audience in mind for every post and give them what they want etc. While I agree with that, I also disagree with it. 

Sometimes people want to read posts that you just don't care about. Will you write it anyway, just for the views? 

I mean, you can, if that's your wish. But I'm a big believer in writing things I care about, and would enjoy writing and talking about. Your passion and time spent on a particular subject will shine through to your audience members. 

Don't think you need to get it right right away

Okay, this blog took me almost 3 years to get to this point. It took 2 years of doing it completely wrong i.e. not promoting on social, not even having a social presence, not using social correctly, etc for me to realize how to do it 'right'. 

Which by the way, there's no such thing as the 'perfect' formula. Wait no...there is. Wanna know what it is? 

Hard work. Learn. Be humble. 

That's it. That's the formula. You're welcome. 

Slowly build up your portfolio

I see some new bloggers post 2-3 posts a week as soon as they start blogging and then burn out really quickly because they think they need a lot of blog posts immediately. 

That isn't the way to live. Take your time to write the blog posts, take your time to develop the content you'll be proud of reading again in a few years time. Don't expect all the content to pour out of you immediately. 

Post when you can, or stick to a schedule if you need more structure 

I'm very organized, so I stick to a very strict schedule. But sometimes I read blog posts where bloggers are feeling guilty for not posting more consistently. For those bloggers, I think the best tip is to just post when it feels more comfortable to you. 

Yes, posting consistently will prime your audience members to look for your content, but don't kill yourself to get there. 

Pre-write as ideas come 

I never stop writing blog posts. I come up with random ideas out of no where, and almost as soon as I do, I write at least the title of the blog post, and then let it sit there for a bit. 

This tip helps you from stressing out about posting a blog post during a busy period of your life. I give huge kudos to those who write as they post...I could never live like that! Hahaha

Read other people's blog posts, don't steal word for word though!

I read a blogger who talked about this and I couldn't agree more. The reason why this is a tip is because we all need inspiration sometimes, and reading other people's ideas will give us a jumping off point. 

For example, a solid month before Valentine's Day I started reading a lot of V-Day gifts/outfits/things to do etc etc and I thought: well, my readers aren't going to want to read something like that since everyone's blogging about it, so what can I do that still is V-Day related but isn't what's out there? Which is how I came up with my blog post on how-to show appreciation to loved ones. (You can read it here.)


Use all social media platforms you're comfortable with to promote your posts

Some blogs utilize every single social media they can post an icon on. I don't do that. I don't have the patience and attention span to promote across all those social media platforms. I choose which one's are important to me, and promote there. 

For example, I only promote on Pinterest, Instagram, and FB occasionally. I ignore Twitter & Bloglovin' completely. 

Pinterest is your best friend

I don't need to focus on this because almost every single one of the blogging tips and tricks post out there will give you more detail on this than I ever could. Just use Pinterest. And consistently. You won't be sorry. 

Look into Facebook engagement groups 

Facebook pages kind of suck. BUT, Facebook engagement groups are THE BEST. They help your content reach more bloggers, and if those bloggers are cool people, they will either share your content with their followers, or follow you on social media and well, ripple effect basically. 

Have a place for you to find free stock photos

I never realized the important of stock photos until I started writing blog posts that was mostly words and had no photos I could post? LOL And then they became my best blogging friend. 

My favorite place is Unspash

Use Canva to make your blog post thumbnails & make your thumbnails consistent 

It took me about 3 years to realize thumbnails were important because they give your blog a more cohesive look when someone is scrolling through your blog. It's good to have your own thumbnail design, and Canva is a great place for that! My thumbnails are created by me, but you have a lot of freedom to create your own!

If you are a blogger, what tips and tricks would you offer new bloggers?
And if you're a new blogger, was this post helpful?

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