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Tips for Effective Bullet Journaling

Tips for Effective Bullet Journaling


I've heard a lot of people say that they don't think they can do the BuJo system because of how much work it is. Well, I am here to help you figure out how to make it easier for you, rather than harder :) 

You can absolutely work the BuJo system, but it definitely takes practice and strong mentality :) Good luck! 

Write the daily entry the night before. 

I think a lot of people usually write their daily entries the day of and while that is commendable, I cannot do it. And I actually encourage you to do it the night before. Hear me out. 

At the end of the day, whether or not you want to do this, you should look at where your day went, whether or not you managed to complete the tasks you had set out. That would be when you either migrate tasks, or schedule tasks. 

And then from then, you can easily write the daily for the next day since it will be fresh in your mind.

Personally, as someone who thinks to the point where I cannot sleep at night, doing the daily's before the day begins helps calm me down, knowing I have already listed out the things I have to do the next day. 

Write down the measurements you need for the future. 

Whether or not you use the expected Leuchtturm 1917 notebook, I think you should write on the corner of a specific page the measurements you want and need to remember. Because then that will shave off a good minute for you to measure the page when you have to plan out a new weekly, etc. 

For me, I have the number of grids written and it helps me save a minute, so I don't have to keep recounting it. 

Have the key be accessible. 

When you start out, the only thing you're going to remember in the key is the dot, which signifies a task to do. 

But I swear every other symbol is important in helping you and you want to be able to see it easily so you know what symbol to use for what idea/inspiration. 

Sometimes simple is key (but it depends on you). 

Looking at all the bullet journal's out there, some look more complicated than others and it can be overwhelming if you feel like you don't have the creative or artsy gene as others. 

But to the core, the Bullet Journal system is supposed to be effective, and that's the word to keep in mind when you are "designing" your bullet journal. Don't find a layout out there that you think looks amazing, but implementing it stresses you out, and doesn't actually work for the way you think. 

Start with the basics, and after you get into it, if you want to complicate things up, do it. Otherwise, keep it simple. 

Decorate as necessary. 

While my Bullet Journal looks pretty good, I don't over think things. 

This means that even though I got color in my notebook, I only place it there because it either looks bland, and/or because I got the space. Most of the time it's because there's space and I just want to put a sticker there. 

And that's honestly how I encourage Bullet Journal connoisseur's to do it. Because otherwise as someone who isn't super creative or artsy, it can become burdensome to have to work around the art, when you should be working around the effective/productive part of the BuJo. 

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