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'This Is Where I Leave You' Review

'This Is Where I Leave You' Review

I have been movie deprived ever since I moved to Northampton. There is no real local movie theater and I hadn’t really left Northampton but I wanted to leave.

So I gathered some of my friends and just went.

We did have a hard time choosing a movie but we settled on this movie in the end because when I watched the trailer, within a minute of it, I was like “Yeap, this is the movie we’re watching.”

To be fair, Tina Fey + Jason Bateman? Got to be an amazing pair.

Anyway, so we went to watch it and it was so amazing and so hilarious.

The storyline is that the day of a family of four kids dies and the kids come back together to mourn for his father. Despite it being such a heavy storyline they manage to make it funny through the chaotic life of the kids individually and the fact that they cannot get along very well.

I think why this plot worked so well is that all the siblings looked completely different, and had completely different personalities. You could potentially relate to every single one of the characters in a bit. Judd doesn’t like complications. Wendy doesn’t like bullsh*t. Paul takes things seriously. Phillip loves having fun. Don’t all those types of personalities have some sort of similarities to us as a human being, no matter where we grew up or out past? I think so.

It was very light hearted I could say. But, in no ways was it always light hearted. There were some definite tender moments that made you think. And depending on how emotional you are as a person, some parts of it could potentially make you cry and laugh at the same time.

But something that made this movie completely different was the out of no where plot twist. I’ve watched my fair share of movies so I know a little bit about plot twists and I’m also typically pretty good at guessing them. But the plot twist they came up with just came out of no where. (I won’t disclose the plot twist because it’s too good.)

I think something that I disliked about this movie is the way they left it. I wish they had done a small epilogue type thing where they briefly go through what happens in like 6 months. They could’ve done better with the ending for sure.

However, the ending should not prevent you from watching and enjoying this movie. It’s just a really bad pet peeve of mine if a movie I enjoyed ends badly… or at least not to my satisfaction.

I loved this movie because it really makes me think about family. Life can be chaotic and you can definitely lose track of your roots. But your family will really always be there for you. They will always be your shoulder to lean on, no matter how bad your life is going at the moment.

Something else I learned is that sometimes, no matter how bad your life may seem, there is always a silver lining. It can be really bad one day but then get extremely good the next and that we shouldn't just concentrate and focus on the bad but on the entire experience and thus grow from it. 

This movie is truly amazing. 

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