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'The Hunger Games Mockingjay Pt. 1' Review

'The Hunger Games Mockingjay Pt. 1' Review

This movie was a lot better than I expected. I mean, it's the Hunger Games so I wasn't expecting it to be horrible but I didn't know what to think. It is part 1 and I knew that part 2 is where all the excitement happens so, I was weary to say the least.

In general, this movie is a lot darker than the other two movies. I could tell because in the entire movie, it only made me laugh at least once, but max 2 (although there was a lot of smiling). I noticed that it was still engaging without it being humorous.

Like I said above, part 2 is where the action really happens, at least in the book, so I was pleasantly surprised when the movie kept me on the edge of my seat and was pretty action packed. I had thought that part 1 would be very chill, and almost boring since it was 2 hours and I was trying to understand how they managed to make half the book 2 hours long...

Even though it was two hours, I didn't go through one of those phases of checking my phone for the time. If I don't like a movie and it's long, I genuinely start checking the time periodically so when the movie ends before I know it, I know the movie kept me preoccupied. The movie was never slow.

In terms of the plot, I really loved the way the movie opened. I think the last time I watch a movie when it opened in the middle of action/a tense moment, was High School Musical 3 and that gave me a nice adrenaline boost.

As usual, Jennifer Lawrence's acting skills were beyond amazing. Even though she was wearing a wig the entire time, she still looked flawless. Her raw energy and vulnerability in the movie made the whole movie so much more emotional.

Kind of heading to the bad side, I thought the CGI effects on Peeta to make him thinner and such was a little extreme. There was one point in the movie when he was broadcasted on Capitol TV where I cringed because his neck was too thin for the broadness of his shoulders. The proportions of his body just wasn't right. However, I must commend Josh Hutcherson for having such a emotional and large part in the movie despite the fact that he appeared in the movie for less than 30 minutes. His impact was definitely great despite the short screen time.

However in general, the graphics were pretty amazing. Compared to the rest of the movies, there weren't as much graphics, but the movie was very clear and colorful.

I don't remember which scene it was, but the movie made me tear up! The last time the movie made me tear up was the first Hunger Games when Rue dies (although that was kind of full blown crying...) and I know for a fact that if they did part 2 right, I would be crying even more for  the next few deaths (I won't say who because I don't want to give it away!).

Something that made me confused was that some people thought that Julianne Moore wasn't a good representation of President Coin but...I actually enjoyed her part as President Coin. However I didn't think that in the books President Coin was as emotionally open as she was in the movie...or maybe it's because I haven't read the book in a long time.

Regardless, I'm not surprised about the popularity this movie has received and I'm sure that this movie will be receiving some award nominations.

Go watch it if you haven't!

On another note, Jennifer Lawrence sings in the movie! In her interviews she said she cried when she realized that she actually had to sing with her own voice but I want to let you all know that her voice is so raw that it's beautiful. I really love how it isn't perfectly polished. It's a beautiful song and I highly recommend you all to listen to the song.

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