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'The Glam Guide' - Fleur de Force

'The Glam Guide' - Fleur de Force


I did a review on Michelle Phan's own book here and I got quite a good response so I decided to try out other YouTuber's similar books. Now, I was tempted to buy this when it finally came on the self, but I was hesitant because I didn't want to purchase a book that would be useless for me.

However, I went ahead and bought it anyway.

Let's judge the book by its cover first. I love everything about the cover except the panel of pictures at the bottom. I don't know why I dislike it but I feel like it is so harsh to the rest of the cover that is so soft and gentle, if that makes any sense? Anyway, it's a minor detail so it's not really enough to prevent me from reading this book.

Now, let's get into the cons and then go onto the good stuff shall we?

One con I have found most annoying to me, is the lack of pictures. I'm not saying that there isn't graphics because here are a lot of them which is very pleasing to the eye. However, at the points where it would be helpful to have a picture, it is usually on a blank page. That's just very annoying for when she is writing about stuff like make up that will be more helpful to her readers if she had actual pictures to point out what she meant.

A second problem that is extremely minor is that in the DIY Face mask part, she went into extensive detail of what kind of base ingredients are good for the skin and what each base is good for targeting the problem. What surprised me and annoyed me the most was that she gave no examples of good face masks. It's not like I naturally know what kind of face masks to make just by knowing the base ingredients right? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't store DIY's in my head 24/7.

But like I said, it is an extremely minor thing so, there's almost no point even mentioning it really. But just something to keep in mind. She might've been so pressed for time (she mentions in her videos and vlogs that she is pushing out the information at certain points so, it's understandable) that she just forgot to write that part in.

Now, moving onto the really good parts.

This book is great because there is a focus on life style. It really shows you the kind of person Fleur is when you read her book because you see what part of her life she really focuses on and it's so refreshing after reading Michelle Phan's books and saw that it was evenly between Beauty and Fashion. Which is fine, but since I was looking for something different in this book, I definitely got it.

Her life style tips include not only fashion and how to wear certain kinds of things, but also includes travelling, things she packs in her day and night bag with so much more. It's a real glimpse into her life and the way she views things.

Something else that is great is, as mentioned above, this is a book full of tips. Literally. full of tips. She never tells you explicitly that you need to do the things she says but is constantly reminding you that these are just tips. I love how she does not impose her wisdom onto others but is more like a friend giving advice.

Going off on that point, at various sections of her books, she has these two pages titled, '10 Quick Tips' which, if you pick up the book and do not intend to buy, is the must read part if you are pressed for time. They are truly great tips and I actually learned more from those 10 tips than from reading 20+ pages (not that I didn't learn anything from those 20+ pages, just that the tips were more compact and got to the point).

I don't know if I am allowed to do this... but these are my two favourite tips in the book (in the first half of the book):

1. If you buy a cheap ring...coat the inside with clear nail polish to stop it turning your finger green.

2. If you are worried about going bra a cheap strapless bra, cut the band off, and just sew the cup onto the front of the dress...

Now, if I had to go into specific sections I am enjoying, it is definitely the DIY Hair Masks, and the Quick Hair Updos (not what it is actually called...).

Both sections are extremely helpful and I love how in both sections, there are pictures of them being done (within the DIY hair mask section, it is more a picture of the ingredients but there is also a very concise recipe).

Finally, I love how quick it is to read. Because it is a book full of tips, I managed to finish the book in almost a day and a half and didn't feel like I had fried my brain trying to absorb information.

Overall, I believe that if you are a life style addict, this book is extremely useful. While there are some beauty tips, it was none that I didn't know. So if you watch enough beauty videos as I do, you probably would understand it all and could just skim through it (or bypass it completely).

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