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'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Review

'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Review

Okay, for starters I am not a huge Spider-Man fan. I never grew up with it so I didn’t watch the original trilogy (or trilogies) so I don’t actually have anything to compare it to, and nothing to go by in terms of plot.

However, I did watch The Amazing Spider Man 1 and thought it was amazing! (Pun unintended)

Honestly, I don’t remember the original movie though because I watched it like a few years ago at home because my Uncle has a copy of it. So, I don’t know if it follows the end of that movie whatsoever.

But, I did enjoy this movie. I was honestly very iffy about watching this movie. Iffy because I’m not a huge Spider Man fan and also because I’m one of those people cautious about sequels. I’m sure a lot of people is also wary of sequels because they can either live up to expectations of the first movie, or can be a huge disappointment.

This sequel, definitely lived up to expectations.

The action was really amazing and the plot and character development was very great. You could definitely see the relationship between Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone and see the amazing chemistry both of them have.

Emma Stone was gorgeous! And honestly, I love Andrew Garfield’s deep voice. But that’s just me fangirling.

Anyway, the action is really great, and there is definitely some funny bits. Spider-Man/Peter Parker was hilarious whenever he was fighting crime. While it wasn’t completely hilarious, it definitely did ease some built up tension during the movie.

I think what was great about the movie though, are definitely the villains.

I know that sounds really weird, but my boyfriend and I were talking about it after and he made me realize that there were THREE villains

In terms of Max Dillion/Electro I think he is definitely my favourite. I think it’s mostly because I relate to him in some way. There are two types of people in this word: introverts and extroverts (of course, there is in between but that’s just in general). Extroverts are seen everywhere. They are the ones that are always putting themselves out there and making friends and they are also the ones that are usually leaders in our society. But the introverts are different. They don’t want a load of attention, but they do want attention. And for me, Max reminded me of myself when I was a lot younger. I disliked a huge amount of attention, but I still wanted attention. Although, unlike Max, I didn’t get electrocuted and became evil. But there are still times when I’m trying to get attention by the people I care about.

I think in the end, Max just wanted to be seen, to be heard and to be understood. He wanted what he rightfully deserves as a man, and as a friend.

As for Harry Osborne/The Green Goblin, I think he’s a little bit more creepy. I think he was also well developed. He didn’t want to follow his father’s footsteps (and what child does?!) so he wanted to do everything he could to be different and lead a normal life.

I don’t like what he did but I have to say that I understand where he’s coming from. As for the actor, really amazing portrayal. I didn’t like his hair as much, but he has an amazing smile!!

Okay, the last villain, totally forgot his name but he had the shortest cameo so I don’t particularly care about him. He only managed to accentuate Spider-Man’s funniness and agility.

Now, to Gwen. Emma Stone did an amazing portrayal and I’m actually so sad she died! When Electro burst I was so relieved coz she hadn’t died yet. Yet as soon as the Green Goblin came in, I knew she was going to die.

Now, the entire film was amazing. However, the only bad thing I would say about this movie is Andrew Garfield. Now, he is good looking, and is a great actor in almost every aspect. BUT, I do think he needs to work on his crying skills. I’m one of those people that cry when I see other people cry, but I just didn’t feel super sad when Peter/Andrew was crying or staring at her grave. I mean, obviously I felt sad because I love Gwen and her character, but that was the extent of my sadness.

However, despite that, I love this movie. While it most definitely isn’t my favourite movie of this year, it’s not bad for a sequel and for a series that I have had no previous relation to.

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