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New Years Resolution・2016

New Years Resolution・2016


This blog hasn't been running very long, considering when I actually did begin it. But for the entire duration, it has been my baby. I do not say this lightly at all. I have invested time, money, and resources for this blog, to get where it is right now and I have no regrets for where it is right now. I never began this blog with wanting to become famous or to be heard, but just as a hobby to channel my inner creative self where I cannot in reality.

Life isn't always as peaches as social media, or in my case, my blog, puts it out to be. It's hard and realistic, and my life doesn't allow much creative juices flow if I don't find myself an outlet.

And so, for this upcoming New Year, I am going to set more goals for not only myself, but also for this blog.

For the blog:

  • More fashion posts -- I love clothes, and I love fashion. And this year I want to incorporate more fashion OOTD's into this blog. It won't be as great as most fashion bloggers out there because I don't have my own personal camera man, but I'll for sure do my best.
  • Keep up the make up reviews -- when I look at the side bar that shows my top posts, I see the a majority of it is make up reviews or make up battles. I see what people really want, and aim to please. So, why not anymore?
  • Lifestyle posts are important as well -- since I got to a college in a remote area, it's harder for me to do as much life style posts like food reviews etc., but I still want those on my blog. They may not be as widely received but this blog is as much as for you as it is for me. It's my own cyber diary, and I want to remember every movie I watched (that made an impact on me), and every book I read (that I enjoyed). I hope you will all be supportive of that.

For me:

  • To travel and explore more -- I consider myself a home body and I enjoy my time at home, cozy in my bed and watching Netflix. But life is too short to just stay at home where home will always be, waiting. So I vow that in 2016 I will try to go as many places as my bank account will let me.
  • Remember that I am one lucky person -- Unfortunately I do take my situation for granted. It's like I expected things to turn out this way. But I shouldn't be taking this situation for granted. My parents can choose not to love and support me as much as they do, my boyfriend can choose not to put up with my bullshit, and my friends can choose not to invite me to their outings. But they do it anyway. They love and accept me, and I have to remember that they don't have to. So I want to remind myself everyday that I am one lucky girl.
  • Say thank you, not sorry -- I grew up needing to apologize for everything. Even if it wasn't my fault! And then this year there was a great comic strip circling around that showed the ways of saying thank you instead of sorry. 2016 will be the year I say thank you more than sorry.

For you:

  • You are beautiful. You are perfect. You are amazing. And you deserve happiness.

Every year we believe that the New Year will be greater than the previous year, and most of the time we are probably correct. But we also have to remember that the year is/was only great because WE chose to make it great. We chose to make the decisions that made the past year amazing. So just like this past year, and the year before that, and all the years before that, we have the choice to make 2016 just as great, if not greater.

We can do it. Together. Just remember that you deserve happiness, and that in the end, happiness is the only factor that matters in your life.

Happy New Year everybody -- I wish you all the best.

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