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My Life in a Month: June 2018

My Life in a Month: June 2018

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I decided that instead of doing a Monthly Favorites or something like other bloggers, I would do something different: my life in a month. 

I thought it would be fun to separate the things that happened to me in June, so check it out below! And let me know what you think about these kinds of posts :) please be honest!

June 2018

Events/Things I did

Started my Internship

This was definitely the highlight of my month. Can't wait to see the progress I make in the next 2 months!

New England Aquarium

Honestly so fun, definitely recommend. I don't know if I'll go every month, but definitely every other year. It was so awesome :)

Bought tickets to travel in September

Woohoo, I'm going home (Seattle) for 10 days! I honestly didn't think I'd want to go home... but then a week after I moved to Boston I got the urge. But also because I saw a lot of beautiful photos of summer in Seattle xD 

And I'm FINALLY going to LONDON! Honestly, London/England has been my Top 3 To Go spots and I AM SO EXCITED TO GET TO CROSS THAT OFF!! (My Top 3 (not in order): London, Japan, Greece) 

Made my boyfriend a Chocolate Birthday Cake

Since it was the first birthday we celebrated since living together I thought I would make him a birthday cake from scratch. It was super fun, but omg so time consuming it was ridiculous. You can see the result :)

Rebooting my YouTube Channel 

This has been on my mind for so long. I do love producing new YouTube videos, so check out the new video I put up. My Channel definitely needs some cleaning, so please bear with me!

Tried a boxing gym 

We went to our neared boxing gym to give it a go, and omg as I am writing this my entire body is so sore. I can barely sit down without hurting my legs haha but 


Benefit Brow Zings

Review coming up. 

But the short version of this product is that... THIS THING IS AMAZING! It's totally changed my brow routine forever...and don't think I can ever live without this ever again. So Benefit, please don't discontinue this!

Maybelline Total Temptation Mascara

Review will NOT be coming up. Only because I've read so many about them that I don't want to be one of many in the blogosphere...

But, the short version of this product is that... IT'S ALSO AMAZING! It totally reminded me why I love Maybelline and their mascara formula. I'm wearing this on the daily, when I want something more natural. 

To see more favorite products... ↓

Favorite Blog Post/s

College Graduation: What Happened, What I Wore, Graduating Thoughts

I'm always a big fan of recaps, but mostly because I love how I will be able to remember my graduation for the rest of my life :) 

How To: Pose Comfortably In Front of a Camera

This blog post has been loooong overdue, especially since I asked if people would want to read this MONTHS ago... but I am very proud of how it turned out :)

Keepin' Things Real + What I Don't Like About Myself

Honestly, I like to keep things real, in not just my social profiles, but also on my blog. So sharing this was hard for me, but I think it was 100% necessary. 

July 2018

Goals/Things to Do 

To see more of Boston 

I want to see more of Boston. I know the city has a lot more to offer, and I can't wait to explore more of it and to fall in love with my new city even more. 

Enjoy Hawaii 

Honestly, the last time I went on a beach vacation was in March 2012 and I am really excited to be back by the sea :)


I've been meaning to go to this for forever, and now I finally get to go! Can't wait to learn a ton and meet awesome people :)

Blog Posts To Look Out For

Hawaii Recap / Things to do in Kauai, Hawaii

Obviously it's mostly going to be Hawaii posts. I think I'll do a recap, but also do a Things to do post, because there isn't a lot of information out there about Lihue :)

Hawaii Outfits

Obvi xD

Instagram Hacks Series

I decided that since I am not only a blogger who uses Instagram for my own personal career goals, but am also seeing Instagram from a marketing/influencer management perspective, I would start sharing with you all interesting Instagram hacks that you may not know about. Watch out for these posts about once a month!

How was your June?

Monthly Mantra: July 2018

Monthly Mantra: July 2018

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