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'Moana' Review

'Moana' Review

I will be the first to admit that I absolutely 100% did NOT want to watch this movie and I'm glad I did not stick by that. 

Let me just say that I did not watch to watch it because of the trailer. I thought that the trailer did not seem interesting to me, and it just wasn't something I personally wanted to waste time to go into a theater to watch. 

But on the day my bf and I wanted to watch a movie, the original movie we wanted to watch was unavailable, and Moana was, so I decided to watch it, since my bf wanted to watch it quite badly. 

Well, let me also be the first one to say that this movie is amazing. 


And obviously, since this is a review, I will be giving away some spoilers, although probably not every little bit of detail. 

I loved how this movie was centered around a journey, not for Moana to find a man, but for Moana to save her tribe and the people she loves. 

I loved how there was no prince to help her, but a demi-god. Basically I loved how there was no romantic love interest. It was amazing to watch Moana take her own journey for what she thought was the right cause. 

I loved how Moana was not only independently strong, but also had her weak moments. She was the more realistic heroine that little girls need in this world, at this very moment. She was also curvy, and did not have a stick straight figure. She had unruly, curly, and messy hair that at times, was a hindrance. 

Everything about her was realistic and not fake. 

This movie is about finding yourself, about doing what you think is right, and about being true to yourself. 

And of course, we cannot forget about the music that is almost a trademark for Disney movies. 

While most of the music was decent, I only found one song that called my name, and that is extremely unfortunate. Usually, I love all the songs in Disney movies, so that was the one set back. 

However, one thing that managed to make it worthwhile is the twist at the end. It had a crazy plot line that I was just not expecting whatsoever. So that's also why I still loved the movie so much despite the lack of amazing music. 

My last good comment about this movie is that despite the fact that most of the movie is based on Moana and Maui in sea, there is more than their fair share of comical moments. I didn't expect there to be so much, but it also made it less boring. 

I highly recommend this film. 

Let me know what you think of it! 

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