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Minimalistic and Effective Bullet Journaling: How I Bullet Journal

Minimalistic and Effective Bullet Journaling: How I Bullet Journal


I discovered the Bullet Journal system by accident. 

But now I am obsessed with it, just like a lot of others. 

If you are still unsure about how to use the Bullet Journal system, check out my blog post here. 

Now, let's get into my explanations for my Bullet Journalling. 

Or you can watch the video version... :)


The notebook I used has three pages of Index already included and while it is helpful, I feel like it could also be more space effective. Regardless, I decided to split the three pages into different sections. 

So pictured above is the first page, which has my Future Log indexed, but is also going to be the place where I index my Monthly Logs. It will make it easier for me to find everything by month. 

The next two pages is where I pencil in the Other stuff that is at the front. 

In my case, this is where I pencil in my 2017 Goals page, my Blog and YT Channel page, and my weekly/daily's. 

For me personally, I didn't want to index my daily's in separate entries, so I decided to pencil in them by week. Therefore, if I wanted to find the specific week, I could find it easily. 

Future Log


I personally wanted every month to be separate and have it's own space. I saw a lot that just put the months side by side, and I thought that it wouldn't be a very effective Future Log for me if I did that. 

And I know it seems like I put a lot of work into it, but I just used a thin washi tape to be the dividers, and then highlighted the days of the week to make it separable from the dates. 

To show I have something to do on a specific date, I would write the date and then write the event next to it. It would make it easier for me when I make the Monthly Logs. 

In the picture above on the right, that is my January collage. It will be things that I want to remember for the month of January. 

Monthly Log


I want my Monthly Logs to be distinctly this layout, just because I don't want to flip pages. 

I included a larger calendar, so I can keep track of the dates. I will also be using this calendar for my period tracker. 

I also included a Monthly Mantra which I will see almost every day to reinforce it. 

And on the right side, I have separated the Important Dates, and Things to Do. 

Important Dates is for the events that have been scheduled for a certain date. 

Thinks to Do is for the things I need to do some time this month, but has no specific deadline. 

Weekly Log


After my Monthly Log, I have a place for me to plan out my Blog and YouTube schedule. 

I hadn't done this when I took the pictures, but there is currently scheduled posts and videos on it right now. And so far, I enjoy it. 

After that, is the weekly log. 

Now, I wrote the dates down wrong when I did this, which is why it looks like there is a lot of black blobs. It was totally my mistake. It also took me days to realize that... 

Anyway, I like the way I did the layout. It's efficient. 

Daily Log


Okay, here's where I put out a disclaimer. It looks like I did a LOT for my daily logs, but I can be the very first to attest I spent about a total of 2 minutes on each entry. 

I will be writing a BuJo post on tips I have to make the BuJo more efficient. 

But what I did here was write the day of the week, and the date, and then drew a line across to be a divider. As you can see, the line is not stick straight, and that's because I'm lazy. 

And the reason why it looks nice (at least I think it does), is because I purchased about 5-6 sticker packs with various color schemes and quotes. As you can see, I typically only used the stickers when there was an abnormal amount of space left on the page. 

I will also throw out there that every day, I finish the sentence: 

"Today I am grateful for..." 

I saw a lot of versions of a Gratitude Log, and I liked the idea of a Gratitude something, but a lot was too much maintenence for me. So I decided to tack it on at the end of a daily log. Plus, it will be a trigger for me. 

Other Spreads/Logs/Collections

Above is the index I made for the other collections I have at the back of the bullet journal. I saw a lot of blog posts that said don't create them specifically, and let them happen organically. Well, I cannot do that. I am a planner, and I like having planned out pages for certain things I find important. So that's what I did. (But the last 3 was unplanned.) 

I will be going more in depth about these collections I chose, and other collections I think is a good idea but decided not to do. 


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