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'Me Before You' Review

'Me Before You' Review


I read this book originally on a whim. I saw it at those airport bookstores and I had a lot of time to kill, so I thought why not. Plus, it seemed to be everywhere. I could not seem to escape this book. So I purchased it, and read it while waiting for my flight/while flying and honestly, I fell in love with the story.  Even though the book is so well written and written in a way that offers hope and those happily-ever-after feelings, it disappoints. But in a world with so much happily-ever-after's, how realistic is it? The answer: not realistic at all. Which is why I enjoyed this book so much. It not only offers hope, dreams, laughter, but it also offers sadness, heartbreak, and desolation, things that, unfortunately, happen to all of us.

So when I realized (after I finished the book) that it was going to be made into a movie, I was ecstatic, and as usual, weary. I don't think there have been many book - movie adaptations that I have fully supported and been on board with. Something about the movie always disappoints (The Divergent Series being one of those movie franchises that disappointed me after the first movie).

And finally, this movie was about to be released, and of course I wanted to see it ASAP so I could give all of you my honest opinion about it.

Now, let's get to the actual review shall we? I will try my very best to not give any spoilers but if I do... just look out for huge bold letters and ignore that paragraph! (After I wrote this, I realized there were no spoilers given... perfect!)

First of all, while the movie was beginning, I saw on the left of the screen that the screenplay was written by Jojo Moyes herself and I'm not going to lie, that did give me a sense of relief.

So the movie began and honestly, they did a very good job.

It is a romantic movie and since it's a story of a quadriplegic, it isn't necessarily filled with adventure and movement so there are times when it feels slow. So if we compare that to the book, of course the book may seem better because you actually got to read it and keep up with the words.

However, that is perhaps the only "bad" thing about the movie.

There are 100% good points though. Since the author herself wrote the screenplay, it diverges very little from the book. For example, we do not see Patrick's apartment and instead, their dinner scene is in a different space. However, it's such a minor detail that even without it, Matthew Lewis played Patrick so well that the movie actually seemed better without that part.

However, one thing I was extremely impressed with was the clothes Emilia Clarke wore. I was so happy with the detail that was put into her outfits that was described so well in the books. They for sure represented Lou very well.

As for the actress, she also portrayed Emilia seamlessly. I actually started to believe that Lou was a part of Emilia because of how well she was portrayed. Like, I wouldn't put it pass meeting Emilia in person and seeing traces of Lou. She played Lou in such an innocent, pure, and kind-hearted way that it's officially hard to imagine any other actress doing such a job.

I will say that as the movie began, I was very skeptical of Sam Clafin's  ability to play Will. Sam himself is a wonderful actor, and definitely good looking. But I thought it would be easy for him to act in a non-paralyzed especially if the camera isn't necessarily focused on that area. So during the entire movie, I was looking for his slips. But he didn't slip! He stayed in character very well. So that was a big thumbs up in my mind.

But just like how the book brought tears, this movie brought tears as well.

I found myself, during the movie, smiling unconsciously, laughing unconsciously, and feeling sad unconsciously.

I don't think there was one unmelted heart in the theater by the end of the movie. There were sniffles where there should've been sniffles, and tissue was definitely used. I did managed to tear up, but the only real reason why I didn't cry was because I was wearing a new mascara and I didn't want my full on crying to get in the way with my review.

Regardless of that, this movie is a beautiful love story. It tells of everything life is. Sometimes life just doesn't work out the way one hopes, sometimes we have to make decisions we don't want to make, and sometimes, it is the love we have for others that keeps us going and smiling.

The movie isn't meant to have a happy ending (yes, I can report that what happened the end of the book is what happened at the end of this movie, although they did spare us the details). It's meant to make us hurt, and motivate us to cherish those we love and are fortunate enough to have in our lives.

Go watch this movie. It will bring a new light to your life, even if you have not read the book.

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