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'Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style, and Success - Online & Off' - Michelle Phan

'Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style, and Success - Online & Off' - Michelle Phan

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Wow, that's a long title... Anyway, Michelle Phan has her own book!

If you don't know who she is...what have you been doing?! Haha, jokes! In a nutshell, she is a YouTuber Beauty Guru, Entrepreneur, and CEO of ipsy, FAWN Network, and em Cosmetics + her own music label.

Yes, she does tons.

Now, when I heard that she was going to have her own book, I was a little skeptical. I'm actually skeptical of any of these kinds of books because they are either a bang for your buck, or just a complete and total let down.

Fortunately, this book was a bang for your buck.

Let's just start with the visuals. Now, if you had preordered the book you would've gotten a special book cover and after having seen them, I'm going to be the critical one and say that I actually prefer the original than the special one... Sorry Michelle!

Anyway, I love the way this book looks. It's sturdy in your hand but somewhat heavy so I wouldn't recommend carrying this book around in your every day bag!

However the insides of the book are so clean and neat and you can really see Michelle's personality seep through the pages of the book. Even if you didn't know her, you would know her after reading this book.

Now, let's just briefly review each section:

Chapter 1: My Life So Far, Part 1

I loved reading her story. Her story is so heartwarming and touching and you can really feel like she put her heart into writing her story. However, I had heard most of this story before from her Draw My Life video:

So it is a refresher chapter for me that reminded me that she didn't achieve her success easily. It took a long time.

Chapter 2: My Life So Far, Part 2

Part 2 talks about how she began her livelihood of today. This was the part that was easy for me to read through because I didn't know much about her journey to be a YouTuber and Entrepreneur.

Her story was very humbling.

Chapter 3: Skin Care Savvy

I wouldn't necessarily say I enjoyed this chapter, however I didn't dislike it either. I learned a lot of small tricks from this chapter that I think would've been hard to find unless I watched every single one of her videos.

She basically uses this chapter to talk about her skincare routine which, I'm telling you all right now that it is EXTREMELY long and extensive. I'm too lazy for that xD Maybe that's why my skin is so bad...

Chapter 4: Makeup Basics and Beyond

This was the chapter that I was iffy on. Almost half of my make up skills were learnt from her videos so I felt like I could've really just skipped the entire chapter and just not read it. However I also did learn a few tips and tricks that I found very useful and helpful. I actually felt like her make up chapter was very short compared to the rest of the surprised me.

Chapter 5: Hair and Nails Know-How

The hair part of this chapter didn't necessarily help me much because she basically went through the basics like shampoo, conditioner, hair tools etc. But it was the nail part that really intrigued me. I learnt how to do a nice manicure! Now I just need to buy the tools I don't have and I'll be doing one for myself extremely soon ;)

Chapter 6: Fashion Tips and Tricks

This is essentially "Modern Style Made Easy".

She goes through the best way to dress for your frame, your job, and whatever occasion you might be attending. She then goes on to talk about her closet organizing tips which I would do if I had as much clothes as her! And if I was as organized as her...

Chapter 7: Digital Dos and Don'ts

A lot of the points were quite simple and we probably all know so this chapter was just a good refresher course. It also reminded me that I need to buy a large enough external hard drive to store my stuff...

Chapter 8: Find (and Keep) a Job You Love

Chapter 9: Turn your Passion into a Profession

Chapter 10: Modern Manners Made Easy

Chapters 8-10 were the chapters that I kind of just skimmed and here's my reasoning: a lot of the stuff she says here are stuff I already know that I didn't necessarily want to waste time to read. Of course, I did read them, but not a deep read.

All in all, I really enjoyed this book. I gotta say, I had my doubts, but she has completely proved me incorrect!

This book was amazing in that it offered insight into her life and the way she manages things. She is a businesswoman so her time is extremely precious and you could really see her tips for managing time, even if it were not explicitly stated. As her subscriber, I think that I learnt a lot from her , and as a reader, I think I learnt a lot more than applying make up but also her tips and tricks to life.

Even if you are not a subscriber but want a good informational book to read from  the point of view of a beauty guru, entrepreneur, and woman, this is the book for you!

I'm very proud of her, as I'm sure all her subbies are and I know she will be continuing to impress us yet.

Plus she's beautiful.

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