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'La La Land' Review

'La La Land' Review

I'm unsure as to whether or not this is a good idea, to write the review for this movie, but I decided that I would rather review movies that I liked and didn't like, rather than just the movies I enjoyed. 

So here is my review of La La Land. 

Please don't hate me. 

Instead of going a round about way of saying it, I'm just going to say it straightforwardly. 

I did not like this movie. 

I will say that I do not passionately hate it, but more like a what-a-waste-of-my-time dislike. 

And I will explain why. 

- SPOILER (kind of) - First off, the movie is split up into seasons. So every season, they have the season on the screen. And I really do not like that. I feel like it broke the movie up so much that it felt like it didn't flow as much as it should've. Basically it felt like they made short movies and stuck them together to make one big movie. 

Although on the other side, my bf explained to me that every season had a different meaning. 

Winter: Things are not going the way the characters want. 

Spring: They fall in love. 

Summer: Their love and passion for each other is at a all time high. 

Fall: Things are starting to fall apart. 

After hearing that explanation, it seemed like a possibility, but in the moment, I didn't like it. It felt too cut off for me. However, on the other side, because it was set in California, if they did not include the seasons, we would not know the timeline. 

So as you can see, this depends on how you see it. 

I also did not like the colors of the movie. There were various points in the movie that for the movie theater, was way too bright for my eyes. However, I will say that the bright colors may also be something other audiences member likes. 

I will also say that I think the actors and characters had pretty good chemistry. They felt very natural, and that may also be because the actors have worked together before. 

The one BIG positive thing about this movie was that the score was amazing. The music and the songs the actors sang was all beautiful, and very well done. 

It was a gorgeous score. 

One last positive thing about the movie is that I enjoyed the way the camera's moved. The transitions was extremely smooth and it was easy on the eye. 

The movie also have a very full-circle moment at the end of the movie. 

The last thing I enjoyed about the movie is that !!SPOILER - for real - !! the main characters did not end up together. The fact was very shocking, but also a welcomed difference from every other romantic movie available. 

I also loved how the writer's included a scene of what happens if they main characters ended up together, so as to stop the audience's wondering. That was very nice of them, for sure. However, the way they included it was confusing and almost presented it as reality.

After all this debate, I'm sure the general consensus is that there is more pros for this movie than cons, so why do I not like it? 

I realize after writing this that I should've liked the movie, but instead I found it a waste of time. And the only way I can justify that is it's just my feeling. I'm sure you have always done something, watched something, read something, that while everyone else in the world loves it, you just didn't like it and there is no real tangible reason. That's basically how I feel about this movie.

If you think so otherwise, please let me know below! Did you enjoy the movie more than me?  

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