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'Insurgent' Review

'Insurgent' Review


Now, I was debating at whether or not I should even write this review. To put it out there, I don't like inflicting my opinions on others. They are just for me personally and I know that not everyone thinks the same as me so, I don't know. But, I'm just going to write it because I want people to know what I think about it. Please take it with a grain of salt though!

I love me some dysotopian drama. I love The Hunger Games. I don't think I ever have anything bad to say about that movie trilogy (except for the fact that they split up the last movie...).

And to be honest, because of THG, I have had a higher expectation of the Divergent Series, especially since I actually read the trilogy and actually enjoyed it.

So, when the movie began, I was excited and had quite a large amount of expectations I was waiting for it to fill.

Okay, it's time for spoilers because, unfortunately, in order to review this movie I kind of have to...

Do you all remember when Jennifer Lawrence went pixie? She had died her hair so often for the first movie that her hair was completely damaged but, even after the cut, the director just asked her to wear a wig to not change the look of the movie or the character. Which was fine. We had gotten used to a brunette JLaw anyway.

But, when Shai went pixie, the director must've decided to just roll with it. Because they cut her hair in the movie! I know it isn't even that big of a deal and barely a change in the plot, but still, I would like to believe that the essence of the character also lies in her hair...although Shai can really rock a pixie for sure.

Now onto the movie itself, before I actually went to the theater I checked the length of the movie and was quite surprised that it was 2 hours. Is that weird? For me it's only weird and odd because it's a sequel and usually those movies take up the standard full movie length time of 2.5 hours. Since that moment, I was pretty wary of the movie. I hope that doesn't sound mean but I have read the book, and if you watch as much movies as me, you will know that often book to movie adaptations don't follow the entire book, but they still take up the 2.5 hours with a majority of the book. When I went back to read a more detailed synopsis of the movie, I did see that they kept most of the important scenes in the movie but a couple.

I don't want to ruin it for the people who haven't had a chance to see it yet (even though I did say spoilers...) but they end the movie in a completely different light than the book. Which is the main reason why I didn't really like this movie.

If you remember, the book ended in quite a chaotic state. Tori and Tris flipped out, Evelyn began a new regime, Jeanine dies (which still happens thankfully!). Pretty much chaos and at the same time, the world gets thrown into the truth about the world they live in.

But the tension. None, whatsoever. It was like everyone had already known! I cannot quite explain it...but, I am very curious as to how they are going to show the last movie. To be entirely honest, they probably could've finished the entire series at the movie and the world might've been okay with it (if they didn't know that it was a trilogy).

For the first time, I do not like a movie. I'm actually extremely tempted to not even watch the third movie. There was no suspense! It was like, oh, now that world knows, yay! We can go live our life again! The end.

I'm very disappointed in this movie... it met some of my expectations and then it completely fell through. The first movie was amazing. This movie....doesn't need to be watched to be honest.

Anyway, I don't want to keep bashing it because there are a couple of good points.

The acting has picked up from the first movie to this movie. I can see a difference. Somehow the actors are much more relaxed in this movie than in the last movie.

Also, the graphics were crazy good! Completely real looking. There was a lot of need for graphics (you will see in the trailers!) and they were completely realistic looking.

I'm just pissed that they ended the movie in such a manner...

Of course, like I said, take my review with a grain of salt! It is my own personal opinion but to be honest, it's hard to not criticize a movie franchise like this when it was originally in book form. I've never had such a big problem with a movie franchise that has been based off a book before.

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