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High School Senior

High School Senior


So I’m going to list the problems with being a senior in high school. If you are a senior, you’ll probably agree with me on most of these, but if you don’t, that probably means you go to an awesome school and I am downright jealous!

1. Choosing Colleges to apply to

Every high school senior has those beginning moments where they don’t know what college to narrow it down to from the 1,000,000 colleges that is available for their picking. Usually it boils down to like 10 colleges but 10 colleges out of thousands of colleges? That cannot be easy!

Tips: Visit the colleges you want to go to the summer before your senior year. It will definitely help you decide if you step on campus and feel it all in. Some colleges that you thought you would like, you might not like after you have visited. For example, I was expecting an amazing feeling when I stepped onto the Harvard and Yale campus but nope. All I felt from stepping onto the campus was...nothing. I felt nothing. I wasn’t excited. I wasn’t happy. It was just..normal. Actually, I complained more than I praised. So, if you can narrow it down to like 20 or 30 schools, visit as much as your parents will pay you for to see.

2. Choosing the topic to write your Personal Statement on

Personal statements are meant to help the college get to know you better and people usually write it on an experience they have had in the past. But the problem is, by the time you sit down to write your personal statement, you would’ve had so much happen to you that you wouldn’t know what’s significant enough or what’s good enough for the colleges.

Tips: Brainstorm. I know, that sounds REALLY boring but it’s true. You gotta sit yourself down in a place with no distractions and just think about in your whole life, what events changed you in a better or worse way. It doesn’t always have to be great memories, but just something that has changed you, taught you an important life lesson. I don’t particularly want to disclose to the whole world what I wrote my P.S on, but it was really personal and I definitely did learn something from it.

3. Senioritis/Procrastination

Usually this hits people earlier on in the year. Because, well, it’s senior year! But this didn’t hit me until second semester and I think it didn’t hit me first semester because I was taking a lot of AP classes so I didn’t have the chance to get senioritis. But then second semester came along and I have 3 elective and...senioritis BAM!

Procrastination is something different hits EVERYONE xD And I never really got it until this year either. I’m not the type of person that likes to leave things to be last minute because a ton of things could go wrong. But this year, holy crap- I live in Procrastination City! I didn’t just pass it by, I live there!

Tips: Plan ahead. If you know something is due write it down onto a planner and make sure you do something to start it at least. If it’s a long project do a little bit at a time until your due date so by the time it’s due, you’re not cramming it in the night before and staying up all night. It really helps you be less stressed than your other friends who are going through the same thing.

4. Choosing the college you want to go to

Once they have accepted you, that’s when the REAL fun begins. Looking at what they offer you socially, academically and where it is located etc. College is about having fun, but also for continuing your education and choosing what profession to go into.

Tips: Write a pro and con sheet. It sounds way too simple but that’s how things go. For example, for me, I got accepted to two west coast schools and two east coast schools and I don’t want to be close to home, so I am just looking at the two east coast schools right now. Look at what qualities you want/need and make a chart based on that.

5. Getting enough graduation credits

This shouldn’t be a problem for most seniors. But if you go to a school like mine where classes are very competitive to get accepted to, then this will become a problem.

Tips: Talk to your counselor. Communication is always key if you want to be successful in life, no matter what it is in.

6. Prom

If you’re a dude, you will be worrying about who you want to ask as your date. If you’re a girl, you’ll be worrying about your prom dress.

Prom is such a huge multimillion dollar business and rightfully so- it’s the last dance seniors get to attend. And from my point of view, I’ve already been once and won’t be going to my own prom, but I do not see the hype. I mean, yes, it’s fun to dress up, to spend time with your friends and just have fun, but it is way too expensive.

Tips: For guys- if you do not have a girlfriend and don’t want you asking out a girl to seem like a asking her out on a date type thing, as a girl that you have known for awhile, know well enough, and comfortable being around.

For girls- look through some magazines or photos and pinpoint your favourite types of dresses. Look through red carpet or Oscar dresses and pick the ones you like and then see if you can find a dress like that. If you cannot decide between which one you like, mix it up and look for one that’s similar. In my opinion, look for your dream dress and then think about the price later.

7. Finding something to do during the summer

I’ve actually been looking around for something to do during the summer and it’s actually a lot harder than you think! Yes, there are a lot of jobs out there, but then thinking about where I’m going to college, I won’t be staying here in my job for longer than 5 months and that makes hiring me a lot harder. Furthermore, a lot of internships are for a lot of college students.

Tips: Talk to your adult people you’re close with. They can potentially help you talk to someone who can also help you. I know someone who can help me get an internship so I’m hoping that will work out. It’s all about connections. If not, I suggest you talking to your counselor and see if she can help you work something out or find something that can interest you.

I hope my tips and my problem identifiers helped!

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