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'Guardians of the Galaxy' Review

'Guardians of the Galaxy' Review

First off, I must say that I did kind of get dragged to go see this movie by my boyfriend. He was super excited to see it and wanted me to tag along (plus, it was also our anniversary so I didn’t want to say no). So I went to go see it with him.

Personally, I expected not to like it that much and here’s why. I’m not a huge fan of sci-fi/fantasy. I mean, I’m not a huge fan of space themed action. Does that sound weird?

It’s not super appealing to me so hence I didn’t expect to love it much.

But when it got released, I started hearing so many good things about this movie so that convinced me a little bit more to watch it rather than having my boyfriend dragging me into the movie theater.

One of the first things I came out of the theater thinking was 1. this movie is totally action packed and it never stops for even one second and 2. it’s totally funny.

Honestly, by this point I’ve seen quite a lot of Marvel movies so I was expecting comic relief at the most serious moments and this movie did not disappoint in that way. My boyfriend said that Groot is the comic relief, but I semi disagree with that in the sense that even if it was just Groot, it wouldn’t be funny enough for the theater to laugh. It has to be the fact that when the five of them are together they make each other go crazy, thereby making the audience laugh.

My reaction to this film isn’t firm dislike or firm like. I’m on the fence about this movie mostly because of the sci-fi/fantasy elements but I did 100% enjoy the action and comic.

With no spoilers though, I think the chemistry between all the characters were amazing and you could really see it by their comfortable stance on screen. It really made the entire movie a lot more flowing.

However I do wish that the love/feelings between Peter and Gamora was more developed but not as the central plot of course! If you’re a frequent movie goer you probably could sense that they were fall in love and that he would save her from death, but, I really do wish they spent a lot more screen time developing that.

Also, can we talk about the symbolism of Groot for like a second?

If you have seen this movie I don’t know if you picked up on it but Groot is a tree/root/wood. And in some scenes he’s super gentle and kind but then in other scenes he’s pretty violent and almost a killing machine. Doesn’t that sound a little bit like Mother Nature?

Mother nature is kind, nurturing (clear skies, clean air etc), but she can also kill a lot of people in one swift move (earthquakes, landslides, tsunamis etc). I really do love Groot and what he symbolizes. But I mean, there is a chance that I am reading too much into the character but I did take Environmental Science for a year so it’s making me pretty self conscious about these things.

This movie is somewhat centralized on advanced technology and the use of big guns and tazer guns (or at least a gun that shoots out electricity) but I think what I love about all that is the contrast between advanced technology and the simplicity of a casette player from Peter’s childhood. It really emphasizes on not only the simplicity but the beauty of simplicity. Peter submerges himself in music not only because of his mother, but also to help him concentrate and keep himself grounded. Isn’t that how our generation does it? Submerge ourselves in loud-ish music to distract us and help us concentrate?

Anyway, I do recommend this movie and that it doesn’t disappoint like the other Marvel movies. However, personally, I would never watch this movie twice.

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