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How To: DIY Last Minute Cheesy Valentine's Day Cards

How To: DIY Last Minute Cheesy Valentine's Day Cards

I don't know about you, but I do know that as soon as the new year begins, things get crazy, and then all of a sudden it's Valentine's Day and you got to scramble up something sweet, but cute, that also looks like you put thought into it. 

And that happened to me this instead of forgetting it, I decided to make my bf some cards, or in this case, three cards. 

Below are just some ideas, so please feel free to do all, or only do one. And for sure, change up the message if you wish. I didn't realize how cheesy the message's were until I started writing this post...

But if you want to watch me make these cards, then feel free to check out the video below! 

I followed a heart origami tutorial on YouTube and I originally wanted to write the entire message at the face of the heart. But then after folding it I noticed that there was a little pocket at the front for you to include a secret message. 

So I thought this idea was super cute. A very straightforward way of showing love.

Otter puns are nothing new, but when it comes to cheesy otter puns, I seem to have a firm grasp of them. 

And this card is no exception. 

Here I just found a otter cartoon on Google, roughly drew it out, and then made it into a pop up form as if the otter is holding onto the message. 

(Excuse my terrible drawing skills...)

I didn't realize how weird it looked until I realized it looked weird because I forgot that the kissing emoji has a love hard on its face as don't forget to add that in! 

This is a very straightforward card form but I thought that to jazz it up a little, it could almost be a cute gift of sorts where presenting the card, the person could get a kiss. 

But of course, that's totally up to you :) 

I hope this last minute DIY was helpful to inspire your creativity :) 

Whether or not you are celebrating Valentine's Day, I just want you to remember that you are loved, even if it isn't by a significant other. While Valentine's Day is mostly centered around couples, it is also a day of general love. Love know's no bounds, and it isn't specific to a set of people. 

Happy Valentine's Day! 

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