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College Graduation: What Happened, What I Wore, Graduating Thoughts

College Graduation: What Happened, What I Wore, Graduating Thoughts

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My graduation happened on May 20th, almost an entire month after this post. I'm not sorry this is "late" because it's also been a hectic month trying to get my adulting life sorted. However, this post will be a pretty extensive "review" of what happened that amazing weekend!

What Happened

My school does graduation over a span of several days. The institution doesn't only celebrate the students by awarding diploma's on Commencement Day, but also celebrate the work students put in for their majors and extra curricular and try to incorporate parents into that celebration. 

The Commencement Ceremony was on Sunday, but on Saturday, we had another kind of ceremony... 

Saturday May 19th

Ivy Day

This is the day where all Smithies wear white. Graduating Seniors wear dark colored shoes, but alumna will wear light colored shoes. The alumna hold up funny signs about their time at Smith, parade through the graduating seniors who are holding a long stemmed rose. And then the Juniors will hold a wreath of ivy and guide the graduating seniors to their seats. 

Then there's an assembly where the students who wrote honors thesis or is awarded a departmental award is announced in a booklet. The idea is for the seniors to be recognized for their work and contribution to the institution.


That afternoon, all the departments at Smith hold receptions for parents to meet professors. I went to several since I was a double major. It was a very hectic day xD 


At the end of the day, after dinner, there is illumination. Every senior gets a candle and after a brief speech, the candles are lit. The idea is that as the seniors graduate, they will be lighting up the world. It was a very beautiful scene.

Sunday May 20th 


I mean, other than diploma receiving day, what else is there to say?! xD 

But my school does it interestingly. Since we live in houses (our version of dorms), we sit in our houses and our names are called out by house. However, because of that, they are unable to sort the diplomas by our names. 

So after the ceremony is over, we had the diploma circle, where all the now graduates will be in circles passing down diplomas and when we receive the one with our name on it, we exit the circle. 

People may view it as a silly tradition, but it is one of my favorite parts about my alma mater, which is its traditions. 

What I Wore

Ivy Day 

Dress: Nordstrom

Cardi: UniQlo

Shoes: Louise Et Cie


Dress: Boutique in China

Shoes: ZooShoo

Graduating Thoughts

Now that I've had a solid few weeks to settle down in my new home, and to really relax, I didn't realize how quickly time had passed by. Not only graduation weekend, but also my time in college. 

Not going to lie, I dislike school. I'm not a very academic inclined person. I like social, I like working. But despite that, I would never have traded the last four years of my life at college for anything. 

I not only had a very academically inclined experience where I learned a lot, but I also made lifelong friends whom I will forever trust. The memories I now hold in my memory bank will forever make me smile and even chuckle. It's been a whirlwind, and even though I'm glad it's finally calmed down, I am very happy that it happened. 


Did you attend any graduations this year? 
What was your graduation like?

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