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'Cinderella' Review

'Cinderella' Review

Okay, let me just let the world know that Cinderella is my favourite fairy tale. I love her so much and I know that she's probably one of the worst princesses that is part of Disney Princesses. I've heard people call her passive, call her unrealistic. But I think when you are a young girl, you want that. You want to believe in the idea of someone out there being made for you. You want to believe in true love. You want to believe in love at first sight. And I did, and I still do. (For me, no matter how old you are, you should always believe in true love. But, true love doesn't need to have the same meaning at every stage of your life either.)

So when I saw the very first preview of this movie, I swear my heart stopped a little bit. I was so excited.

And even upon it being released, I was so pumped. I had heard good things, but, to be honest, I was also a little bit worried about how they were going to make such a timeless tale even more perfect than it already is. 

Now, my first thought when the entire movie ended was: I wish I grew up with this version of Cinderella. This is going to be the version of Cinderella I will be showing my daughter (if I have a daughter!).

The message in this movie, is way more positive and empowering for women than in the original. This isn't a spoiler since it's in the trailer but: "Have courage, and be kind." It's really true. That is such an important life lesson that is constantly repeated during the movie.

I love that message, and I have no doubt that many parents will love that message as well.

Okay, that being the most important part of the movie, let's move onto the logistics.

Let's go with acting. To be entirely honest, I was a little bit skeptical of the main cast and here's why: I've never seen any of the actors in other movies before. Even Cate Blanchett. Of course I have seen Helena but, other than her, I had seen no one else.

But, I saw Cate talk in a interview, and she commented on the amazing chemistry of the two main cast and she was completely right.

Both actors were spectacular apart, and together. When they showed the dancing scene, it was like magic. I felt like I was there, watching them waltz their way through the ballroom. It was truly spectacular. They really couldn't have cast a better group of people.

Even the step siblings and step mother was done right.

Now, let's move onto the plot shall we?

There were quite a few changes. All the changes really enhanced the plot, and really made it into a much more well rounded movie. I'll just briefly state a few without giving too much away. There is a little bit more focus on the back story of the step mother, more focus on the family Cinderella had before her step family, more focus on the true love between the Prince and Cinderella. There is actually a reason for his love for her now!

Oh, and the biggest of all... THE PRINCE HAS A NAME. Albeit, it's a nickname, but at least it's a name. I never realized how simple that made the prince by just calling him "Prince Charming..." They also gave the prince a lovely back story. You see his struggle, and you see his growth.

Costume wise, I have no complaints. I know that there are critic complaining about the waist line of Cinderella at the ball, but, considering the corsets used by the step sisters in a previous scene, and the fullness of the gown, I doubt they could've changed the waist by much anyway. I don't think that it makes a bad image for young girls whatsoever. But, then again, I'm not that young anymore. Although I highly doubt young girls are worrying about the waistline of the princess...

Oh, and a major shout out for Helena Bonham Carter for being an AMAZING fairy godmother. I really love it when I watch her be someone else other than the villain. But I guess she played Bellatrix so well that it's hard to envision her as anyone but. Regardless, she was definitely a highlight of the movie!

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