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'Captain America: Civil War' Review

'Captain America: Civil War' Review


I'm not the biggest fan of the Captain America franchise, however I watch it because I enjoy the other franchises and I've realized early on that to follow the other movies, you kind of need to watch all of them (Marvel is really good at that marketing thing huh?). So I knew I had to watch this... also because my boyfriend loves Captain America. Anyway, so we went to watch it... and just like the reviews, it's an AMAZING movie.

Even for someone like me, who isn't much of a Captain America fan.

I think what made me love this move so much is how it has so much of the Avengers characters, and it also included some of the newer characters like Ant-Man, and Black Panther.

It's very similar to an Avenger's film, but more centered around Captain America's screen time. But there is still ample screen time for all the other characters.

I will say that this film takes place in many places, and it can get confusing and sometimes be a little fast paced. However, they definitely give each place ample time and constantly reiterates where they are i.e. shooting from above the city or having a character say the name of the place.

One thing that I did not like so much about the film is how CGI'ed Spider-man's suit was. It just didn't look real enough, if that makes any sense. Like why would the suit's eye move when the kid's eye move? Shouldn't it be staying still? Also, in terms of the actor they casted...great choice! He definitely feels young enough to be Spider-man.

Even though the movie is set for 1.5 hours, it was so fast paced that it definitely didn't feel like I had sat in the movie theater for so long.

I think out of the three Captain America films thus far, I love this one the best. It's definitely worth watching.

And this movie actually makes me really excited for the Black Panther movie! I'm excited to see his back story!

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