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'Bloom' - Estee Lalonde

'Bloom' - Estee Lalonde


I'm not sure when I started watching Estee, but it was back before she moved to her new house aka. she still had her old apartment as a back drop to her videos. I never knew why I was drawn to her videos until I finished reading her new book, 'Bloom'.

Not going to lie, I thought this book was going to be similar to all the other blogger books out there (I have read quite a few, since they are currently all the rage right now) but I was drastically proven wrong.

'Bloom' is a personal story.

It's a story that encourages self discovery, self love, and self confidence.

It's a story of how one woman learned to love herself, and how one woman learned to embrace herself as she grew up in front of everyone's computer screen (or at least, those that have seen her videos).

Reading this book, if you had not been following her before and just picked it up by chance, you would never know she was into make up or fashion. Because even though her book has entire sections dedicated to those parts of her career, those chapters really concentrate on inner beauty and self confidence (respectively).

She doesn't go on about products that she recommends or products she absolutely needs. Nor does she go on about fashion items or fashion tips for the ordinary woman.

She does, however, go on about how make up should enhance your existing beauty, and how fashion should make you feel confidence.

I didn't know a lot of things about Estee until this book, and I was thoroughly entranced in her story and her thoughts. Not only is this book about her, even the aesthetics are very her.

The book is heavy. The pages are thick.

But the layout of the book is simple, easy to follow, full of relatable and true quotes, with clear pictures that enhance what she is talking about.

The book isn't on your traditional white paper, but on pastel colors that are extremely easy on the eye.

If the quote is to not judge the book by its covers, that most certainly doesn't apply to this book. Because as soon as you judge the book by its cover (which, let's be honest here, who doesn't do that?) you immediately feel taken in by the book, you immediately feel calm before reading a single word, and you immediately feel like you'll be reading a lot more than beauty and fashion.

This book isn't like those blogger books out there.

It's a story.

A very personal story that hits home for everyone. Because I guarantee that there is something in this book that is relatable and personal for all of us.

And I very boldly say this: of all the blogger books I have read, I actually plan on keeping this book.

Estee, if you are reading this, congratulations on an exceptional job. This book really hit me in the heart, and I am so proud of being able to have seen your revolution online. Thank you for all your words and wisdom.

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