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'Big Hero 6' Review

'Big Hero 6' Review

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I did not hear about this movie until my boyfriend sent me the link and as soon as I watched a clip from it I was very interested. I don't think there's ever been a Disney film that had not interested me.

Anyway, when I went to go watch it there were many things about this movie that I enjoyed.

To begin with, since it is a cartoon, the graphics were really amazing. Some times with cartoons they may make it very unrealistic or 2D which prevents the audience from really enjoying the whole movie. Big Hero 6 was very well made in that aspect.

Secondly, I really enjoyed the story line. The good thing about this movie was that even though I had watched quite a few clips and trailers, the movie still managed to impress me and got some surprised gasps during the movie length. The fact that Disney didn't put in the whole plot into the trailer was very well done and even the message at the end was very sweet. The plot is definitely A+.

Continuing with the plot: while the general plot is very sweet, some parts of the movie is quite dark. Even during those dark moments however, Bay Max is the humor. Everything he does is hilarious but very sweet and innocent as well. He reminded me of a little child who is starting to see everything for the first time. It was beautiful watching him grow.

Because Bay Max is such a funny character, there was never a time in the movie where you didn't laugh in a 10 minute interval. Even during the dark bits there would be a humorous distraction.

I love how creative this movie is. The plot and the characters were just so sweet and so unthinkable to a regular person. And I love how this movie became an unintended super hero movie. I guess judging from the title it was pretty obvious but the way Disney introduced the hero's was very well weaved.

One thing that I didn't particularly enjoy or didn't think was necessary was them creating the setting of San Fransokyo. I guess they wanted to show that the movie is in a futuristic type setting but for me that was so unnecessary. But, that is such a minor thing that it's barely anything to really complain about.

All in all, I genuinely loved this movie. I think that it's such a fun and new type of Disney cartoon that it definitely is one of the best Disney has come out with this year (don't hate on me, but I prefer Big Hero 6 to Frozen!).

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