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'Beauty and the Beast' Review

'Beauty and the Beast' Review

I have been doing movie reviews for a long time because watching movie's are one of my favorite past times. However, I have decided to make them short and sweet and easy to read. I hope you enjoy! Spoilers will be very efficiently noted. 

New Characters, More Backstory

If you have even walked by a Beauty and Beast poster, you would've noticed that there are not significantly more characters attached to the live actions film.

For the life of me, I couldn't figure out how all the character's would've fit into the plot since there weren't that many in the animated version to begin with. 

Well, almost as soon as the movie opens, you realize where all the new characters come in. Unfortunately, while the new characters are worthy of their character, I almost find it a little bit stupid of Disney trying to fit in more characters where it isn't necessary. Still, it added an extra bit of comedy, but not by much. 

One of the great things about this modern remake idea that Disney has going on, is that the backstory of their characters are being understood by the audience members who grew up with the animations. 


We learn about Belle's mother, and the family history. We get a glimpse of the vanity of the Beast that caused his demise and the reason why he became as vain as he did. And we also get a lot more backstory about LeFou, and in this case, an almost 180º character flip of his loyalty which was extremely refreshing to see. 

Unfortunately, Gaston's character has the least changes. He is still as barbaric and paternalistic as in the animation. 


Still Amazing Soundtrack 

There is very little that needs to be said about this fact. I don't think I've ever really encountered a Disney movie where I didn't enjoy the soundtrack at all. 

I will say that while they definitely stuck with all the original classics in the animation, they also added in new songs, like a solo for the Beast. Regardless, it was a great soundtrack. 

Great Cast 

Similar to the above point, it was cast wonderfully. 

I heard a lot of people argue that the human Prince is not a good looking as the Beast Prince and all I got to say is...the Beast is CGI. Of course the director would beautify him and make him more manly than the human Prince. I feel like this argument is almost useless and wasted. 

Sassy Belle, Educated Beast

Even though the original Belle was pretty sassy to begin with, Emma Watson definitely kicked it up a notch or two. And you notice that immediately in the introductory song, Belle, by the way she sings about the village. 

I wouldn't say it's a bad personality trait, but it definitely adds that feministic ideal into the movie that the animation didn't portray. 

As for the Beast, we as the audience see that he didn't just waste away his time in the castle not doing anything but he was, in fact, continually educating himself by reading. That was a great moment, where the audience realizes that the Beast and Belle are equals, and neither one is smarter than the other. 

Not as captivating as expected but ties up loose ends 

Unfortunately, I found myself being a little bit bored towards the middle of the movie, not sure why. I will attribute it to the fact that I woke up early and didn't sleep a lot, because I refuse to believe that it was the movie that made me bored/tired. 

However, I will say that when I watched the live action remake of Cinderella, I was significantly more captivated by the story line, even though I knew it like the back of my hand. In that movie, there were bigger differences and the actors portrayed the characters in a refreshingly different way than the animation that it made me feel like I was watching an entirely original film. This film did not give me that feeling. 

And while it did well to tie up any loose ends by adding a significant amount of tweaks here and there, I can confidently say that they almost went by and by the original animation. I am not sure if that is a good thing for you, as the audience member. All I can say is that if you are a big fan of the original animation, and it is your favorite Disney animation, this movie may potentially prove to be a disappointment. 

Regardless of that, I still enjoyed it, and still had a very pleasant experience. 

Did I mention that my sister cried, and I teared up? Even though it went almost by the original, it still moved the hearts of the audience members. That's got to count for something right? 

Have you seen it yet? If you have, what did you think? If you haven't, have I made a convincing case for you to see/not see it? Let me know! 

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