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'The Avengers: The Age of Ultron'

'The Avengers: The Age of Ultron'


The hype over the 2nd Avengers movie is real. And legit. But that doesn't mean that there aren't any problems with the movie. But they are so minor I see little reason to even include them in at all...but I will anyway. Because where there is good, there is also bad. And that bad is inevitable for such a big franchise. Fortunately, as already stated, they are minor.

Let's start with the good though.

Let's be real, having made so many movies together, the chemistry between the main cast is real. You can easily see that they have been friends for a long time (even if you didn't know how long ago the first Avengers movie was...) and love working with each other.

Since their chemistry is so amazing, that also means that the humor within the movie as well as even the tender scenes make you feel emotions that you never thought would be possible for a movie. One second you would be laughing, and then the next you would feel inevitable frustration. 

But I think what so amazing was the right amount of action that the movie had. Being a 2 hour and 21 minute long movie, you would expect action, and you definitely get it. I felt like there was just enough where when the movie ends, you feel very satisfied (I feel weird saying that because it's war scenes and I do not condone war.). But at the same time, it doesn't feel like it is imbalanced with too much action.

I loved the fact that they managed to seamlessly introduce new characters well except for one character. But we will come back to her later.

I honestly would pay money to see the movie again.

And without giving any spoilers away, my favourite scene as got to be Veronica vs. the Hulk and when Iron Man tells the Hulk to sleep. Or maybe the world tells is too easy of a word to use... ;) It was hilarious, to say the least.

Because I am running out of the good things to say, let's move onto the bad.

The only truly terrible bits (which weren't even terrible) was some lack of explanations for certain things they said. For example, they don't mention the Ultron plan. Who came up with it? What was the point of it? Even though it was slowly answered in the movie, it wasn't very helpful to not know that information in advance. I feel like it made the audience become very reactive.

Also wished they explained Veronica. She got mentioned for a second but then we didn't know who or why she was made, which also got mentioned later...but still, an extra line in the movie wouldn't make it that much longer would it?

The last "terrible" thing they did was not really go into the character of Helen Cho. She was kind of thrusted into the story line. While it was a smooth transition, she was never introduced properly. I didn't even think she had a name until Dr. Banner mentioned her name. Although it was good to see an Asian amongst the cast, even in such a small way.

Wait wait, let's get back to the good things real quick!

I loved how in this movie there was so much more back story to everyone, mostly Black Widow and Hawkeye. Technically they were never part of the Avengers program but I'm glad they became part of them. And since they do not get their own movies like the other Avengers, I'm just glad that they managed to get some back story of their own within this movie. You could glimpse into who they are as more than a side kick of sorts (even though they could totally hold off on their own).

I think I really loved that part the most. The intimate things and the small details. It was great.

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