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'Ant Man' Review

'Ant Man' Review

My boyfriend has been pretty hyped about this movie since the first trailer came out like a year or so ago. I wasn't that into it but because of his excited attitude, and the fact that it's Paul Rudd and Marvel, I got excited too.

Since it's a super hero movie of sorts, I couldn't think of watching the movie anywhere else other than Cinerama which, in Seattle, is pretty much one big movie theater with a gigantic screen.

Let's get into the nitty gritty stuff (SPOILER ALERT!!!!).

My boyfriend and I have pretty much watched every single Marvel super hero movie together so it has become common for us to debate certain aspects of the movie. So, before I get into MY opinions, I kind of want to touch base on just one of his opinions.

He told me that this movie is downright the funniest of all Marvel.

And while that is quite possibly true, I reminded him, and all of you, to remember that Ant Man can shrink and get big again, which, in my opinion, is already an unfair advantage. A lot of the funny parts is when Ant Man shrinks and then grows again. And yes, they were HEE-LARIOUS.

Okay, now that that's out of the way, let's get into the details.

The acting in this movie was really superb. I knew it was going to be pretty good because it's Paul Rudd, and Michael Douglas. Now, I must also point out that the only other movie I've seen Paul Rudd in is FRIENDS...and that isn't even a movie. With Michael Douglas, I've only seen him in Last Vegas. I know, I'm not very well versed in movies as much I should be. But still, I have at least seen their work and so I knew it was going to be great. They definitely did not disappoint.

Honestly, I haven't thought of one bad thing to say about this movie yet. The acting was great, the graphics were even better. The graphics actually had a hint of fake-ness, but that might just have been me.

Oh, one thing I did wish they did a bit of is actually show his facial expressions when he was in the mask. I remember during the movie there were a lot of close up's to him in the face and I kind of just wish they would've cut to what his face without the mask might look like. Yes, I know it's not like Iron Man, but it's hard to see his eyes even though you can see the eyes. I mean, the mask is red...

Wait, one more thing and this one is LEGIT SPOILER ALERT!

So, you learn about the back story of Hope and Hank during the movie and why they no longer have their wife/mother. So apparently she went subatomic into a quantum realm (I have NO idea what that means...) and so did Ant Man eventually. Something I anticipated since he went subatomic is that he might've possibly met Hank's wife and brought her back or something. It didn't happen. But I'm still holding onto hope (no pun intended...) since Ant Man will be returning.

There was a lovely tie in to the Avengers in this movie that definitely showed how Ant Man might be helping out. After having seen all these movies, I can definitely see everyone making a wonderful team to beat out the ultimate evil dude. No idea who he is. My boyfriend might've mentioned his name before though. He's a nerd that way :p

One more thing about this movie: this movie concentrates on family love, not love between a man and a woman. I'm not saying that there was NO romance but there wasn't as much if you compared it to the entire movie. It pretty much only happened because Scott wanted to see his daughter and be a good dad. I love how refreshing that is in a world full of romance between a man and a woman. Like I said already, there was a little but it was incredibly subtle and when they kissed (not going to say who, but I feel like it's kind of obvious. I'm not movie expert but even I suspected.) it was for like one second. By the way, that scene was funny too.

Family love.

Isn't it the ultimate driving force?

Okay, now that I'm done rambling about this movie, I'm waiting for Ant Man 2. Although I don't think that's in the works... I should go look that up...

One LAST thing that if you go watch this movie....STAY UNTIL THE VERY END. There are TWO ending scenes which I think are important but I missed because I had a stomach ache.

If you watch this today, let me know how you feel about it after! It's worth the ticket money.

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