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About My Blog・Tag

About My Blog・Tag


I am always curious as to about other people's blog. And not going to lie, I think the about page of some blogs never offer the answers to some of my questions. So I decided to create my own 'About My Blog' tag to ask some of those questions to my favorite bloggers. 


To answer questions about my blog that you may have been wondering about. This tag was created by the sophia diaries


1. Answer the questions about your blog. 

2. Tag 10 of your favorite bloggers/blogs to do this tag. 

3. To those tagged, please copy paste the purpose statement, and the rules 


1. Why did you start a blog? 

I was super bored after I applied to colleges of my senior year in high school. I had a ridiculous amount of make up, and to justify it to myself, I decided to start a make up reviewing blog ;) 

You can still find it here

2. How has your blog transformed? 

For the first two years, my blog was strictly beauty reviewing. But after that, I got kind of bored and decided to expand into styling. That was a slow transition because I didn't know how to pose, what was considered a good photo, etc. But I had already started expanding in writing movie reviews, book reviews, and travel blog posts. 

In the last year (2016-2017), I retransformed sofieyah into the sofieyah diaries, and then to the sophia diaries where I went from posting twice a week to three times a week, and I started including bullet journaling blog posts, as well as how-to advice posts.

In the past year, I also switched from Wordpress to Squarespace, and honestly, it's one of the best decisions I ever made for my blog. I haven't looked back since. 

3. How have you changed as a result of blogging? 

I've become more comfortable with sharing my life on the internet. As weird as that sounds, it's totally true. I used to be very weird about sharing anything about me, because I thought no one would care, but I've realized that there are some nice people on the internet, that do care. 

I've also changed in the way I see the world. You can see this as a good or bad thing, but I've noticed places based on their aesthetic more, I've learned how to pose for my body type in photos, and I've just gotten better at photography. To me, these are mostly good attributes I've developed in the last four years. 

I've also learned to dress better...which, in my book, is always a plus!

4. What keeps you motivated to continue blogging? 

What kept me motivated for the last four years hasn't changed: to write, and to create. I kept up with blogging because I am such a chatterbox, and that really translates into my writing. 

I just love chatting, love talking, which is also why my blog posts always sound like I'm having a conversation with you, the reader. 

In terms of creating, I am a naturally creative person. I always need to do something fun, to do something artistic, which is why I hate school ;P For the longest time, I was feeling very stifled with my life, where anything fun and creative about me had been sucked out. But blogging keeps that creative side of me alive. 

5. How do you fight off blogger's-block? 

I am a planner, and that means I write blog posts ahead of time. I like to plan my entire month of blogging in advance. So if I know if there is a week or two where I don't feel like creating content or just don't have time to create new content, I don't need to force myself to. 

But also, I try to avoid reading other blogs too much, because when I'm having blogger's-block, it makes me feel less motivated to write other content. I'll start comparing myself to them, and even turning their blog post idea into my own, which I try to avoid in general. 

6. What's your favorite blogging social media platform and why? 

I honestly love Instagram. I know there are some frustrating Instagram algorithms out there, which, no point in denying, annoy the hell out of me too. But that aside, I love getting inspiration from other bloggers for fashion, beauty, photography, and more. 

Sometimes it can get really comparative for me, but for the most part, it's an amazing platform. 

7. What's the story behind your blog name? 

the sophia diaries came up because I wanted to keep my name in my blog name. But also I realized that my blog is a way for me to share my life with all of you, and thus, it is my diary, of sorts. So I wanted the word diary in it... and then sophia diaries just didn't sound as good without the the. So there's that :)

8. How do you approach others to tell them you have a blog? 

Honestly, I still find it weird telling other's I blog. Not because I'm not proud of the work I've done for it, but because it just feels weird telling others you have an entirely different online persona...not that I'm super different in person than in my blog. 

So for the most part, I do not actively tell others I have a blog. I do share my blog posts on my personal social media accounts, and occasionally tag my blog Insta on my personal account, but for the most part, I'm very self conscious about how much I promote my online life. 

9. What is one thing you knew before you started blogging? 

I honestly wish I knew how much time blogging would be. Not because I wouldn't have blogged if I didn't know, but because bloggers out there make it seem so easy to create beautiful and helpful content. But what they do not show is that they have an entire team helping them edit photos, choose photos, write the words, and even click publish for them. 

But I am a one-person team, hence the time commitment to this blog. 

10. Does blogging every overwhelm you? If so, when? 

Oh yes, it does, especially since I decided to post 3 time a week. Again, no regrets, because if I did, I would've stopped. 

But it just overwhelm's me sometimes when I see how much more successful others are at it than me, even though I know I shouldn't compare. It also overwhelms me when I have a lot going on in my 'real' life, and do not have too much time or energy to dedicate to my 'online' life. In those two instances, I usually just take a deep breath, decide what's good for me, and then move on. That's the only real way to live, isn't it? 

Are there any other questions you want to know about my blog? 
(Please feel free to do this tag, even if you have not been tagged! I love reading these <3)

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