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'50 Shades of Grey' Review

'50 Shades of Grey' Review

First off I would like to apologize for the lateness of this post. I didn't watch this movie until around 6.30 so I had to wait until I came home before I could write a review. Now, there has been a lot of controversy over this trilogy.

When the book first became a NY Bestseller (I think?), there was controversy over the writing style and even the plot of the novel. However, I did read it, and while it isn't written in the best possible way, and the plot isn't there until the second book, the series itself is still an interesting read.

Following the making of the movie, I'm sure there has been at least one person on your Facebook feed (or just someone in general) who has told you to boycott the movie because it is a movie beautifying domestic violence.

In regards to this, I wrote my Facebook status about it and here it is (only the important parts):

"I just want to say before I get into this that what I am about to say is purely my opinion and my opinion only. Everyone is entitled to their own thoughts and opinions on controversial topics and here is mine.

Now, I completely understand where the controversy for this movie/novel is coming from. Yes, if you do strip down the glitz and the glamor, it may be about domestic abuse. But if you, like me, have read the entire series, then you will know that she consented to it. She implored Grey to try his methods on her. He didn't make her do anything (unlike domestic abuse). Furthermore, if you know the novel at all (you know, past all the sex...), it's also about her ability to say no, and to walk away. Spoiler alert, she does both at the end of the novel (and probably the movie as well).

The first novel/movie may be about sex and the idea of bodily experiments, but as you move onto the 2nd and 3rd novel, it is also about how they set boundries for each other, how they grow together, and, obviously, how they end up falling in love with each other (because it's all about the happy ending these days).

Is the novel well written? Oh no. Is this novel going to go down in history? Probably only as a best selling erotica. But this novel does not deserve that much backlash. It's like that old saying, don't judge a book by it's cover. Do not judge this novel/movie without actually having attempted to understand it.

Some people may think I am also stretching what I said above, but isn't people stretching the idea of domestic abuse onto this movie/novel as well? Like I said, she consented and implored him to try it on her.

Regardless of what people are saying, I will be one of the people who watch this movie. Although it might not be the same reason as everyone else. I personally just want to see it to compare it to the novel since they said it wasn't going to have as much sexual scenes. I'm curious as how they are going to attempt that from a novel that is almost 90% sex."

So, I want to clarify that I am not defending this movie or this story. I am just contradicting the reasons that people use to tell people to boycott the movie. There may have been others, but the ones above are the only ones I have read into.

Now, getting into the details of the movie...

I have to admit that from the general plot and from the trailers I watched, I knew what I was going to expect plot wise. What I wanted to see is how they made the sex scenes happen without compromising the integrity of the movie.

In terms of the sex scene, I feel like they did it so tastefully. I know that sounds extremely weird because they pretty much show Ana's boobs and her pubic hair area, but it was done so seamlessly that it is hard to be picky about that (considering the original story). It didn't happen as often as I thought it would which was nice. This may sound so odd, but I watched this movie like a horror movie haha. I covered my eyes when they showed stuff. I know that may seem immature, but I felt bad. I felt like I was invading the actor's personal space (despite the fact that they agreed to showing those sides of themselves). I did peek through my fingers though so I still got the gist.

In terms of their casting decisions...I would say that the biggest surprise to me was that Hozier, Ana's friend and person who has a crush on her, is not how I imagined him to be. When I realized who he was I was really confused, it took me awhile. But otherwise, for the most part, I could see the casting decisions for each character. I feel like I cannot be completely harsh with the casting decision because I remember when they were casting for this movie, every time a really famous actor agreed to be Christian Grey, there was a huge amount of backlash. So I understand why they chose pretty obsolete actor's who isn't big in Hollywood yet (or at least for me, I have never heard of them or seen them in any movies or TV shows). My friends said the acting was terrible, but in my opinion it's usually like that. If I were to be judgmental about that, I would say that when the Twilight saga began to be on the big screen, the acting was terrible too (yes, I enjoyed Twilight -- but only the first and the last two movies!). So I expect with experience, they will get better and more mature.

What I enjoyed the most about this movie, in my opinion, is that the movie is very beautifully made. It had funny elements, it has beautiful and aw moments. I would say that they managed to make a somewhat terribly written novel into a very elegant and tasteful movie. They knew how much to show, and they didn't show everything at once.

I feel like a lot of people also say that it is pretty much porn. I would have to somewhat disagree with that and here's why. I can see why people are saying it's porn and it's because you can see their interaction and see their every move (at least before the orgasm happens) and in more traditional movies you rarely ever see that. You may only see the pull of pants down at the ankle, or the lifting of the shirt and the bare shoulders. But this movie shows a lot more. There is full on boobage and you do see the butt. (Jamie does not show penis.) But in my opinion, it's really not porn. I cannot really say why other than the fact that it was so elegant but it was also so real. It's hard to explain, but that's my take on it.

Soundtrack wise, I feel like it's a hit or miss situation. You can either really like or or really hate it and I'm both. I listened to the snippet on iTunes since the entire soundtrack for released early, and I didn't like it. Even Beyonce's songs (Don't kill me!). But I love their integration into the movie. They chose the right amount to listen to, and chose the correct songs for the scenes. So if I hadn't known, I would've loved it. But even my friends said, after listening to an entire song, it doesn't sound as good as it does in the movie.

Since it is an R rated movie, I'm very careful with recommending this. I think if you are of age and can buy your own ticket, definitely THINK about it. But do not push your limits. If you know you cannot handle it, then don't go. But I enjoyed it, and am hoping to watch it with my boyfriend when I see him again.

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