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Back To College: 5 Underrated/Useful Planners + Where To Get Them

Back To College: 5 Underrated/Useful Planners + Where To Get Them


When it comes to planners, I don't kid around. I find that planners are the best way you stay afloat in college, and that the people who don't use some kind of a planner system is just kidding themselves. 

As someone who has been using planners her entire life, here are some of my absolutely favorites, ordered from cheapest to most expensive. 

Muji Planner - $10+


When I used the Muji planner, one of the first things that got me attracted to the kind is that it's so no fuss and simple that it doesn't take a rocket scientist to use. 

The great thing about the planner I used to use, is that it is a weekly layout, and on the adjacent page there is a place to write your notes/brain storm. If you are a creative person though, this planner can feel a little mechanical after awhile. 


I've never had such a lightweight planner before, and if you want something that you can easily slide into small spaces like a purse, this will be your saving grace!

Must-buy Instores

Muji is a great store, but if this planner is calling your name, you're going to have to find a store near you. Regardless, Muji stores are experiences that you should have at least once in your lifetime, so I highly recommend. 

Bullet Journaling - $20+


This blog is no stranger to the bullet journal system. If you want some inspiration, you can find my favorite Bullet Journaling posts here

I loved this system, and I still love this system, and mostly because of how customizable and the infinite possibilities it has. I say this system will cost $20+ because the classic Leuchtturm 1917 is at least $20, and if you buy other stuff to go with it, it will be more than $20. 


No one in the world will have the same bullet journal as you, and that is something you should take into consideration, especially if you like having one of a kind things in your possession. 


I will not argue that this system is time consuming. I recently stopped using the BuJo system, and it's not because I don't love it, but it will just take too much time out of my week to do and upkeep. I know I will go back to it after senior year is over, but for now, it is too much work for me. 

Rifle Paper Co. - $30-$34

To-Do list heaven 

One of the first things I noticed about this planner is that if you like making to do lists, this planner will be your best friend. 

You have been warned however, if your to do lists tend to require longer words, this might not be good for you. Their planner gives you two columns/day so you don't have a long line to write all your notes in. 

Good quality 

I consider this planner every year, and every year I reach the same conclusion that this planner is very high quality, and is absolutely worth the steep price tag you are paying. 

The paper just feels good under your pen, and there isn't a lot of planners that can claim that. 


Like this kind of planner which has a hard paper cover, it's going to be heavy, and burdensome after awhile, especially if you typically carry a small bag. 

It's up to you whether you want to carry around such a bulky planner, but if the planner itself is useful for you, go for it!

Kate Spade - $30-$36


This planner is very similar to the Rifle Paper Co. but even more minimalistic. And that's what I love about this planner, and why I go back to it every year. It has it's moments, but most of all, it's useful and the pretty things don't take away from what it's supposed to be used for. 


Refer above. 

Classic Layout

There is no to-do list layout, but it's just the classic line layout. I usually get the large one, and that's only because I need more space to write down the large amount of things I need to do. 

The small will suffice, though, if you are not juggling multiple responsibilities.

Kikki.K Planner/Diary - $40-$80


No doubt, the most expensive of them all. But while this is expensive, the really expensive ones are the planners that you just need to be filler paper for every year. You're really paying for the cover. 

Classic Old Planner style

Remember back in the early 2000's/late 1990's when the old leather bound planners were in style? Well, they still carry those, and they have styled it up by giving you a monogramming option. 

So if you're a fan of that style, go ahead, give it a go!

Can be heavy 

Like all the old planners, this comes with a heavy cost (figuratively and literally). The reason why I recommend their planners is because the quality of their stationary is no joke. It may be more expensive than other places, but for the amount you are paying, you're absolutely getting your money's worth. 

BONUS: Where to purchase planners

Paper Source (in-stores and online)

Kate Spade (in-stores and online

Muji (in stores) 

Local Stationary Stores 

Kikki.K (Nordstrom and online

Indigo (online)

Are you ready to go back to school? 

If you are already done with school, what are some of your favorite planners that very little people know about? 

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