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5 Reasons to Start Bullet Journaling

5 Reasons to Start Bullet Journaling


If you are unsure whether to switch to Bullet Journaling or not, let me make the case for you TO switch. But don't worry, I will also make the case for you to NOT switch, but in another post. Keep reading if you are considering switching :) 

It is a simple and flexible creative outlet. 

If you have done your research out there, you know how different the outcomes of everyone's bullet journal is. 

And that's in part, what's so great about it. You can do however much, or little, you want with it, and it will be something only you understand, and something that is yours. But not only is it a simple system (but don't worry, it's only simple once you start doing it -- as most things in life) but it is also an extremely flexible system because it's up to you for deciding what is truly necessary for you. 

It's personal and effective. 

Going hand in hand with the point I made above, it is not only a creative outlet, but it does it's job at the same time. 

Have you ever had a planner where it's just so pretty that you don't want to use it, because you might ruin it? Or have you ever had a planner where it's just so plain and boring that you don't want to use it? 

Well, the BuJo eliminates both those questions for you. Because it is as creative as you make it, but it is also effective if you just want a place to be mindless and not think about the outcome as much. 

The options are limitless. 

Here I am speaking in terms of the types of layout you can implement. 

While planners are great, sometimes you just get bored with a certain way it looks. And the Bullet Journal gives you the flexibility and the options to change it up, whenever you want. What more can I say to convince you? 

It's extremely straightforward, once you understand it. 

As scary as it sounds when you watch all those tutorials, and read all the blog posts, it is not complicated as soon as you get into it. As soon as you begin your bullet journal, it's like everything falls into place. Because the system is very similar to what you would do for a planner, but instead you got to draw/write it all in yourself. 

It's compact. 

You can now have your diary/journal, to-do lists, and planner all in one place. What more do you need? 

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