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23 | Birthday Thoughts + 23 Things I've Learned About Myself

23 | Birthday Thoughts + 23 Things I've Learned About Myself

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For my 19th, 21st, and 22nd birthday I've shared a post with you all about where I am in my life. So of course, to continue the tradition, I decided to share with you my 23rd birthday thoughts. 

It's actually a good thing that my birthday this year falls on a Monday, because that means that this blog post this year can be posted on the day of! 


Birthday Thoughts

23 is a weird number. Actually, I think between 21 and 25, all the ages in between are weird. Not just the number itself, but also life itself during those times. 

Hitting 23 as a college student is even more weird, because most of those around me and in my grade is just starting to hit 21, or at most, 22. But at 23, I feel like I need to get my sh*t together: I need to have life figured out, know what I want to do, how to get there, and what my end goal is. But I've realized that aging another year doesn't mean I get those questions/concerns answered. 

Instead, this 23rd, I want to enjoy where I'm at without thinking of the future, of what is typically expected of 23 year olds. 

I just want to purely enjoy having my friends within walking distance, going to yoga class, and working on this blog. Yes, I will have to think about the future, but I think I've earned my way to just enjoying my 23rd birthday, no? 

23 Things I've Learned About Myself

  1. I don't like using extreme negative phrases like 'hate'. 
  2. I show my love for others through actions, not words. 
  3. I don't like publicly saying 'I love you' to anyone but my boyfriend. 
  4. I like to have scheduled fun. 
  5. I cannot live day to day - I need to make plans. 
  6. Theres's no way I can ever drink black coffee or expresso. 
  7. I prefer baking to cooking. 
  8. I hate rain, but I prefer rain to snow/ice any day. 
  9. Flowers are actually not that bad. 
  10. My sister is actually the best sister I could ever ask for. 
  11. I love my parents, despite their mean comments. 
  12. I can actually live without my phone and social media unlike some millennials. 
  13. My favorite color is purple, but I cannot wear purple clothes/accessories. 
  14. Gold jewelry doesn't go well with my skin tone. 
  15. Despite my modernistic views, when it comes to marriage, I am super traditionalist. 
  16. I cannot socialize with people for more than a few hours or I will feel extremely exhausted (excluding my bf, and at work). 
  17. I am a shoe and wallet/bag - oholic. 
  18. I like consistency. 
  19. I am flexible when others are more stubborn than me, but when others are more flexible than me I can be extremely stubborn. 
  20. Despite growing up westernized, I still love Chinese/Asian culture, tv shows, and music. 
  21. It takes time for me to be able to trust others fully. 
  22. I don't really like milk chocolate - it's too sweet. 
  23. Being one year older doesn't mean being wiser, it just means you've had more experience. 

What are your birthday plans this year? 

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