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10 Essentials You Need To Survive College

10 Essentials You Need To Survive College

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As school is slowly beginning, I thought it would only be appropriate to share with you some things that are essential to college, and just life in general. 

Sometimes we need certain things to survive life, and this is my list. 

This is not an exhaustive list - everyone needs different things, but these are my essentials. 

 Click on the image for the link!

Click on the image for the link!

Small but mighty hair dryer 

No matter when you shower, I think going to class/sleep with wet hair just doesn't show you've very prepared. (But that's just the way I think!) 

Last year I realized that I wasn't showering as often because I didn't want to go to class/sleep with wet hair. So then I invested in a travel-friendly hair dryer, and haven't looked back since. 

Extension chords 

Let's be real, this is just a general life lifesaver! Especially if you live in a space with not a lot of electrical outlets. Go crazy for extension chords - there's no such thing as too much! (Just be aware of safety procedures i.e. don't stack on extension chord on another...)

A mini fridge 

I've had friends tell me that they don't really for see themselves utilizing a mini fridge but, I'm here to tell you that you're wrong! If your school allows you to bring food back to your dorm, then a fridge will be a life saver. It'll extend the shelf life of your food, and that is always good for a late night cram session!

A Planner 

I feel like I don't have to go too indepth on this ;P 

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 Click on the image for the link to this pillow :)

Click on the image for the link to this pillow :)

Back Pillow 

I have yet to have seen other people talk about this, but I don't think I would've survived college thus far without one of these! 

They are a serious lifesaver, especially if your bed doesn't have a place for you to lean on, and you need to use the wall. Plus, they are just so soft!

A Desk Mirror 

I've had these for forever, but I never realized how much I relied on this item until I left mine at home and won't have access to it until October... 


Seriously, it'll be so beneficial. Especially if you are a daily make up wearer. I personally do not like doing my make up in the bathroom and prefer doing it at my desk while watching Gilmore Girls ;P

A Desk Lamp 

This should be intuitive, but in case you need to be convinced: get yourself one. 

For the most part, college dorm lights aren't bright enough once night rolls around, and you should 100% protect the one set of eyes you get in your life. 

Find one that is powerful :) 

Microwaveable Tupperware 

Also should be intuitive, but when you like a particular meal your school offers, and want to have it again, why not get some tupperware and then save it for next time? 

Put it into your mini fridge ;) 

Fast Drying Towel

This is actually ingenious. If you are a daily showerer, this is and will be your best friend! 

Target has some great ones for a good price. 

A Water Bottle

Whether you are going through classes or just life, make sure you hydrate regularly. That will prevent you from getting tired during the day, and it'll make you a more healthy person anyway. 

What are some of your school/life essentials? 

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