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How To: Start A Blog With Limited Resources

How To: Start A Blog With Limited Resources

I think with the kinds of blog's out there a lot of people have the heart to start a blog, but don't really know how to do it since they have such limited resources. 

Well, here is my how-to guide to start your own blog. 

Just do it. 

If you are constantly questioning yourself, then you'll never get it done. 

Choose a name that represents you. 

It doesn't have to be your name, but it can have your name in it if you want it to be more personalized. My blog has my name on it, because it's mine, and because I want to leave my personal mark on it. 

But just make sure you choose a name that works for you, and that you are comfortable with. 

Examples: The Confused Millennial, Diary of a Toronto Girl, Hint of Grey 

Use the resources at your disposal. 

You do not need a fancy camera. You do not need ring lights. You do not need a personal photographer. 

If you have a smartphone, use your smartphone. Use photo editing apps on your phone (if you want). And drag any stranger on the street to take a photo for you. 

Don't think that you need to start with the tip top resources because that's not the case. You can still get places without those high end resources. 

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You don't need financial resources to start something. 

Wordpress, Blogger, Bloglovin' etc etc do not require you to pay to start a blog. Of course, if you want to seem professional, then that's where the money comes in handy. But if you just want to see how users respond to your material, then you absolutely do not need money to help you. 

Have the right mindset. 

Don't blog to get famous. Blog because you love it, because you want to share your experiences with the world. 

Read so many articles until your head explodes (figuratively!). 

I have yet to have done this, but I've seen so many bloggers preach this. I will be doing this very soon though, and I know it'll help because it will give me the resources I need to make it happen. 

But of course, it took me 3.5 years of blogging to truly realize that I gotta read all this stuff out there, so don't fret if you don't do it immediately!

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Do not compare yourself to others. 

I cannot stress this enough, especially since I am the comparer. 

But seriously, don't compare yourself to others. Everyone does things differently because they have different ideas of what they want. If you find yourself in that headspace (which I do, a lot) just turn it around. Tell yourself to learn from what others post, to see what they are doing correctly, and then adjust your content accordingly.

Of course, I absolutely do not mean copy their writing style or content, but just see what they are doing that you might not be doing, and then go from there. 

What are some of your blogging tips? 

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