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How To: Never Be Tired of Traveling

How To: Never Be Tired of Traveling

I'm having this moment in my life where I am actually physically tired of traveling. It's gotten so bad that my body has become physically sick because of how much I travel (obviously that's not the ONLY reason). 

But when I think about it, how lucky am I to be tired of something so wonderful? 

So I decided to write a how-to guide of how to never be tired of traveling. 

Take a break. 

I think this is the biggest part of never being tired of traveling: stop traveling. 

When you get tired of moving around so much, that's your cue to stop moving and stay sedentary for a bit. Obviously this doesn't mean stop moving all together, but more like keep things local. 

And I think sometimes we think of going somewhere exotic and exciting that we forget to explore our own city. 

Plan accordingly. 

This can't be more true. Don't plan 5 trips to be back to back. Of course, sometimes it's inevitable if it's for work or that's just your job. But if you are an everyday person like me, don't plan so much back to back.

Use some time for yourself to *tip 1* take a break. 

Accept lazy days. 

This kind of goes hand in hand with *tip 1* take a break, but it's to accept lazy days. 

I had been traveling so much in the one month before writing this blog post that when I finally had a weekend where I had no plans and no obligations, I was jumping up and down in joy. (Everyone else I told this to thought I was crazy...) 

But I think part of what makes traveling fun and exciting is that we have these lazy days to give us contrast, and give us the realization that traveling is a luxury. 

Stay curious. 

Honestly, if you travel for the sake of traveling or for the photos you can take, then it won't be fun for you and you'll get tired of it pretty quickly. 

Pictures you take will only take you seconds, but if you are going to a country to visit a particular shop, or tourist destination, then you will go with a curious heart that keeps you wandering. And that's more important that just taking photos. 

The world is limitless. 

I think remembering that it's very rare for someone to be able to travel everywhere in the world, it can keep us going. 

Knowing that after we cross of one destination from our bucket list there will be another added on will keep us excited to travel. The world is vast, and until we invent cost effective teleportation we will always have places to explore. And that's a wonderful feeling. 

Where do you want to travel to next? 

(Me, I really badly want to go to Japan!)

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