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How To: Truly Enjoy A Day Off

How To: Truly Enjoy A Day Off

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I don't know about you but I know I am someone who just can't sit still. I can't ever sit at a place and not be doing something, or engaging with someone. So, when I have the prospect of a vacation, usually it's filled with non-stop activities, because I like the feeling of being exhausted at the end of the day. But the older I get, the more I realize I just want an occasional day off that doesn't involve me moving around, but also isn't me sitting on my bed watching Netflix. 

So here are some tips and tricks I've developed on learning to truly enjoy taking a day off, because we all need them.

Sign out of your email accounts 

Honestly with the development of smart phones, our emails are constantly with us. So for those of us with livelihoods that revolve around emails (which I'm almost certain is 100% of us), if we want to enjoy a day off, we gotta sign out of those accounts. 

Do it. It'll be painful in the process, but trust me, it's one less notification you need to see when you're on your phone, and therefore feel the need to respond to. 

Better yet, turn off all notifications

I've developed this thing that whenever I go on a new social media site, I automatically disable notifications (except Facebook...not sure why lol). I do this because I don't want to be looking at my phone for a second for the time and see 20 notifications I feel the need to respond to.

Just turn them all off. It'll give you some breathing room, I promise!

Choose 1-2 things you normally enjoy but find you don't have time for anymore 

We all have those hobbies that we used to enjoy doing, but as soon as life happened we started to prioritize other items instead. For me, that's painting/art and reading. 

Now, whenever I have a day of not needing to do anything, that's usually the first two things I choose to do, and at the end of the day, I am very happy.

Focus on quality time, not quantity of things done 

One of the first things I realized when I got a day off was me immediately wanting to do a ton of activities. I wanted to go shopping, eat at this restaurant, wander around Downtown etc. But I forgot that it wasn't the amount of things I did, but the quality of time I spent doing everything. 

I learned that when I choose to just go shopping, I had more fun, and I felt a lot less rushed. It just felt more satisfying at the end, and that's the way to live. 

Live in the moment, and don't think about the future

One of the things I am still guilty of when I'm trying to have a good day off is thinking about all the things I have to do as soon as the next day (or week, or month, or year etc) comes. For example, as you are reading this, I am at Hawaii for vacation...and on the phone I told my mum I will be working on updating my resume, applying and looking for jobs. Just saying that made me feel queasy...why can't I just live in the moment? 

But I will be trying my hardest to enjoy every day I have because, well, you only live once right?

Do you have any tips for truly enjoying a day off? 

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