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How To: Take Flattering Selfies

How To: Take Flattering Selfies

In my friend group, I've become known as the selfie expert πŸ˜‚ I have yet have decided if that's a good or bad thing to be know for, but I do know I can take a kick-ass selfie. 

So I decided to share my tips, so you can all look amazing in a selfie! 

HOWEVER, I want to previous this How-To Guide by saying 1. You are beautiful and 2. Your selfie does not define you. To me, I can take a good selfie because I'm picky for how I come across, but I never take a selfie to 'look better'. Selfies, for me, are always a source of fun. And should be for you too. 

The generic selfie 

The tips for this kind of selfie is all applicable to the following selfies, and all other kinds of selfies not mentioned. 

The angle of your phone 

1. Same height as your face but tilt it down slightly 

The idea of this is that you shouldn't have your phone be ridiculously high above your head. If it's high above your head, you'll look really small, and your face won't look very slim. 

Tilting it down means it'll sharpen your face. 


2. Have the top of the phone be where your chin is, with no tilt 

The second option is to have it below you. This basically creates the same effect as (1) but it'll make you look taller-ish. 

When (1), you should tilt your face at around the same angle 

This keeps your face looking consistent with the tilt of your phone. Now, don't do a crazy tilt. Just tuck your chin in slightly. 

When (2), you should tilt your chin towards your chest, but not all the way 

You basically just need to tuck your chin in more than the previous point. I swear, this works! I'm not crazy xD 

As a heads up, I usually only take selfies like this when I am at a table and can rest my elbow on the table. Otherwise, I typically stick with (1). 

Use the elements around your face, aka hair


Hair is a really good frame for your face, especially if you are a girl. I personally find that when I'm taking a selfie and there isn't any hair around my face, I don't like the selfie as much. But, that could just be me. Sometimes I also use my hands as well. 

Either way, the idea is to use what's around you to make the selfie look 3-dimensional and interesting. 

Don't take super close up selfies

I'm personally not a big fan of the selfies where the entire photo is mostly just face. Especially when you take them first before you put it on IG, the best rule of thumb is to just take the selfie as far away as possible so you have options when you post it. 

Unless you're sending selfies to friends, in which case, take all the close up shots you want ;)


But also, I think if you have short to medium hair, you should make sure all your hair is in the selfie. It gives your selfie more dimension. 

The seductive selfie 

Please don't be confused by the title: this kind of selfie isn't supposed to be super sexy or anything, but just kind of makes you look slightly more attractive. 


Do the duck pout, but take away the pout 

The duck pout was a big thing a few years ago, and while it definitely gives off the seductive vibe, the world of selfie-dom has definitely veered away from obvious seductive faces. 

Now, I just do a mini pout + slight smile. It ends up not only making your lips look fuller, but also gives off that 'come hither' look (if you're a big fan of Gilmore Girls you'll recognize this line πŸ˜‰). 

Do a side selfie 

Sometimes the most seductive selfie you can take is one where it does not show your whole face. Or even tilting your face at such an angle that you gives the illusion that it's not your entire face. 

The funny selfie 

This one is pretty self explanatory I feel :) 


Find your favorite funny face 

Let's be real, we all have a favorite funny face. I think as long as you stick to your favorite faces, you're most likely get a smile out of someone, and that's worth it for me to be making a face :)


Sometimes a mid selfie can be just as funny as a funny face 

Have you ever taken selfies where you're about to pose but you either took the photo too quickly or too late? xD I do it all the time, and sometimes they turn out better than I'd hoped. Now, this is 'funny' in the sense that it isn't as posed as a specific face. So really, this tip can be applied to all the above kinds of selfies. 

I swear I'm not high maintenance! I just know how I like to take selfies, and how to take them the way I like. 

What your top selfie tip? 

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