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How To: Stick To Your Resolutions

How To: Stick To Your Resolutions

I'm pretty sure we all have resolutions for the new year. But, sometimes even when we are conscious of those resolutions, we still don't get it done. 

I read/watched something that said the reason for this is because as the year progresses, we not only slowly forget it, but we also slowly become less motivated. By the end of the year, we end up not only feeling bad about not doing them, but we also vow to complete them next year. 

Either way, it just becomes a vicious cycle. So here's what I do/tell myself to get them done. 

I write them down everywhere 

This is actually no exaggeration. 

I have about 3-4 notebooks I use on a daily basis, and I have them written on the first pages of all those notebooks. Which basically means I can never tell myself 'I forgot what my resolutions are'. 

I keep them in mind when I'm doing something

A good example of this is that one of my 2017 resolutions was to not lose my passion for my blog (refer to my 2017 resolutions here, and my 2018 resolutions here). Now, I haven't, but if you have been following me for awhile, you will know that I had a 3 month hiatus in the last quarter of 2017 because of school. 

Even though I wasn't posting though, whenever I watched an interesting YT video, or had a random inspiration for a blog, I would always start a new blog post, write the title in, and then write it later. Because my blog is my baby, even though I wasn't active on it, I was still active on it behind the scenes. 

I tell other people my resolutions, and ask them to keep me accountable 

Most of the time, my personal resolutions are consistent throughout the years. Sometimes it's a variation on last years, but most of the time it's pretty similar. But, every since I've started blogging, I have consistently posted my resolutions online. To me, that makes me be accountable. 

However, understanding that not everyone has a blog as an outlet, I also usually share it with my BF or sister. They know my resolutions every year as well. 

Of course, don't just tell any random person your resolutions. Make sure you're telling someone who would not hesitate to call you out on not completing it. 

I do a mental review of where I am every few months 

I am quite envious of the bloggers who have the time to write quarter reviews on their blogs that keep them accountable. I am absolutely not there yet, because I feel like my resolutions are so generic that it doesn't make sense for me to write 4 blog posts that will basically say similar things. 

However, I do mental reviews, where I go back to that blog post, and see how I'm doing. You can see in my 2018 resolution (here) that I checked off what was done last year. 

I'm curious...

What are your resolutions this year? How do you plan on holding yourself accountable? 

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