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How To: Sleep When You Can't Sleep

How To: Sleep When You Can't Sleep

I had a night recently where I just couldn't sleep, and that just reminded me that I gotta post a blog post about this >_< 

So here are my tips for when you have nights where you can't sleep. I do use these, they aren't just for show!

NOTE: I am not a professional. Please consult with a professional if you are having irregular sleeping patterns. My disclaimer can be found here

Coloring + calming music 

With the craze for color books, they are actually worth it. 

I have a geometric color book where the only thing I ever need to think about is what colors to use for what areas of the pattern, and that calms me down. 

But pairing coloring with calming music is the best way to get your mind to not think about anything. Because my mind is almost always blank when I'm coloring... other than thinking about not color outside of the line!


Journal is probably the most effective and least time consuming, at least compared to coloring. So try journalling. 

It doesn't even have to be a long journal entry, just sit at your table, and free write your day for 10 minutes. By the time you write all that, your mind will be exhausted enough that it'll want to sleep on its own!

Don't be on your phone before you go to bed

Millennials do this, and I find that when I'm on my phone the entire time before I sleep, I get more restless, like I need to do something. 

Don't put your phone on your bed

I used to do this so whenever I couldn't sleep, I almost reflexively reach for my phone and go on Facebook until I feel ready to sleep. 

But like the previous point, you should avoid your phone/laptop before you sleep.

Keep those eyes closed

If you are one of those sleepers that always open your eyes when you can't sleep, then your eyes will never get any rest, which may mean that your brain is still trying to fully function. 

Make sure you makes your eyes stay closed. 

Lay still

One of the few things I've realized over the years is that when I toss and turn, I get more and more restless, and then I get less sleep, because all I end up thinking about is how to be comfortable enough to fall asleep. 

You see the vicious cycle there? 

So try and find one position you know works, and then lay still. 

Think of a white piece of paper

I am a big fan of day dreaming, but sometimes when my day dreams get out of hand, I end up using my brain so much that I won't fall asleep.

In moments like that, I typically try to image a white piece of paper - I'm basically forcing my brain to stop over thinking. 

Listen to calming music 

I don't know about anyone else, but if I listen to anything with a beat to it, or catchy lyrics, I immediately want to nod my head or sing/hum along. 

So try and listen to something calming, something that just makes you smile but won't make you unconsciously move your body. 

How do you try to fall asleep when you can't? 

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