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How To: Show Appreciation to Loved Ones

How To: Show Appreciation to Loved Ones

In honors of Valentine's Day, instead of doing something super Valentine's-themed, I would just stick to the basics. 

To me, Valentine's Day is just a day to show appreciation for the people you love. I am a strong believer that Valentine's Day shouldn't be the only day you show appreciation, so here are my general appreciation tips for every day use, that can ensure everyday feels like Valentine's Day :) (Well, not everyday, because we all have bad days :))

Say 'I love you' 

A lot of people who read this are going to be 'duh!!!'. But you would not believe how little we actually do remember to say it. 

Think about it: how often do you tell your loved ones you love them? Not even your SO/BF, but family members, friends, etc? I bet you always think it, but never say it. Well, I'm here to tell you that the more you say it, the more they will realize how much you mean to them. If you never tell them, how will they know? 

Remind them why you love them 

Let's be real, while saying 'I love you' is important, when it's just those 3 words, the more you say it, the more it can feel meaningless sometimes. Which is why, I always include one or two things I love about them. Because to them, that means I do love them for their qualities, and not their general presence. You know? (Because we can 'love' a lot of things. The word 'love' just ends up losing its meaning the more you throw it around.)

Do something little for them

Now, this doesn't have to be anything big, which is why I use the word 'little'. This can be as little as washing the dishes for them even though you know its their turn. Or buying them their favorite snack because they had a bad day. Those little gestures add up, and remind them that they are loved and taken care of. 

Physical affection is always encouraged 

I hope your mind didn't go into the gutter for this tip πŸ˜…

This tip just means giving them a hug, or holding their hand, or playing with their hair/moving their hair out of the way, or giving them a kiss.

This tip follows the previous one, where something little like giving them a hug means just as much as a big gesture. 

A random gift here and there 

Even though the premise of this post is to show appreciation, not give appreciation, sometimes it's okay to give appreciation to show appreciation. But, for me, when I think of this, I think of the following gifts: a card, a letter, or random sticky notes around the room etc. To me, those are gifts, and thank goodness my SO considers them to be gifts too. 

You don't need to go crazy with flowers, chocolates, a fancy meal, or other extravagant gifts. If they love you, all of these should matter more in the long run. 

I hope these tips helped! I always offer tips on things I do, that I know works. 

How do you show appreciation for your loved ones? 

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