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How To: Pose Comfortably in Front of a Camera

How To: Pose Comfortably in Front of a Camera


I know a lot of bloggers read my posts so I wanted to share some helpful tips for all you bloggers, but also if you are a non-blogger, don't fret, these will apply to you too!

There's nothing wrong with wanting pictures taken of you. No, it doesn't make you narcissistic. It just makes you self-loving. 

So here are my tips for posing comfortably in front of a camera. 

Build a relationship with your photographer 

First and foremost, this is the most important. 

Yes, sometimes you just go into a photo session without meeting the photographer first, but I always actively try to spend time with them outside of taking photos. Get to know your photographer, understand where they get their inspiration from, what kind of photos do they like to take, where do they like to take them, etc. And then get to know them personally. Photography is more personal than you realize. 

...or use a photographer you have a good relationship with 

Or you can just do what I do and make my sister and boyfriend take them for me! Haha

But then again, I basically bypassed the previous stage I mentioned. BTW, I've been with my bf for 6 years and I only started having him take these photos of me a year or two ago... so we spent 4 years not doing photography stuff. Just saying. 

realize that not everyone can be a good photographer

I've had some photographer friends and I had seen their work, I thought it was good. But between the two friends who were photographers, only one of the friend managed to take any good photos of me. While the other friend who was constantly advertising her services online did not take one single photo I felt confident in sharing. And be mindful, I do share some pretty terrible shots of me at times. 

So just be mindful that even if someone's portfolio is good, it doesn't mean they will capture you well. Be selective.

never be afraid to look through the photos 

The friend who didn't take any good photos of me, I actually made the mistake of not looking at the photos she took because I trusted her so much. But when I got the photos back... I was not happy. And I couldn't even fully blame her! I hadn't looked at the photos. It reminded me from then on that no matter who was taking my photos, I would always look at them before we say goodbye. 

never be afraid to ask for a reshoot 

Honestly, after that experience I should've asked her to do them again for me, but I was scared. I didn't know her as well as I thought I did, and was too chicken. So those outfits I had her take for me went to waste. But never be afraid of ask for a reshoot. Sometimes a change of scenery helps.


have conversation with the photographer while posing 

Most of the photos I love are moments captured by my photographer where I am in the midst of talking to them. I mean yes, while you are talking it may not be very flattering, but if your photographer is good, they will capture a split second post-conversation of you laughing or being so comfortable in yourself that you radiate confidence. 

know your angle (through practice and time)

It took me a solid year of semi-bad photos and practicing in front of a mirror before I found my good angle/pose. Don't expect to know them immediately. That's the dream. Just enjoy the process and when you look at your photos, you'll find one or two where you look good, and the more you do those, the more comfortable you'll be at the more natural you'll become! 

What are your tips on being comfortable in front of the camera?

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