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How To: Make Lasting Friendships

How To: Make Lasting Friendships


As I come closer to being 23, I am constantly looking for friendships with people that will last through to my old age. 

I do not claim that I have found the perfect recipe for long-lasting friendships, but I do have friends that I've kept for a long time, and here are my tips for why I've remained friends with them for so long. 

Find time to always hang out with them when/if you can 

The older you get, the busier you get. But I'm a big believer in not using the phrase 'I'm super busy' as a way to stop hanging out with them. 

Even when I say that to my friends, I almost immediately follow up for another time I can meet to show that I do want to spend time with them. Part of growing up, in my opinion, is learning to juggle the various things to do, and people to see. 

While I believe that true friends don't require constantly seeing each other, it doesn't mean you should just never see your friend (unless it's cross-continental then that's another issue!). 

Be straightforward with them 

No matter where you are in your friendship, I think it's always important to feel like you can be straight forward with them, especially when they are doing something you don't agree with. Obviously, don't say everything you feel without censor, but make sure you remain honest with them. 

Almost everyone should prefer honesty rather than blatant lies. 

Forgive them when they do something bad/annoying 

Let's be real, we all make mistakes. But if every mistake results in a fight and then breaking off that friendship, then you would never be able to have a friendship longer than a year (and that's being super optimistic). 

So just forgive them. Unless they did something that is super unforgivable, then by all means, break it off. 

Make an effort

Friendships (and relationships in general) don't just happen over night. They require work, care, and nourishment. If you friend sees you making an effort, they will make the effort right back, and it'll grow your friendship with each other. 

What's your tip for making a lasting friendship? 

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