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How To: Have a Healthy Lifestyle

How To: Have a Healthy Lifestyle


In the past academic year, I haven't been a very healthy person. So this summer I decided to change that, and here is my how-to guide in maintaining and having a healthy lifestyle. 

[Disclaimer: These are my own personal tips for what works for me, and what I have seen surrounding people do that works for them. This is in no way a comprehensive list/advice. For my full Disclaimer, click here.]

Be realistic.

I think when it comes to being healthy, there is an expectation that society puts on people of what 'healthy' means. But those expectations are just that, expectations. They are not reality, and they do not take into account the variable differences between human beings. 

So when you are setting a goal for yourself, be realistic. Take into account the current lifestyle you need, look at what lifestyle you're aiming for, and then make goals accordingly. 

Slow and steady wins the race. 

Don't diet. 

Dieting is proven to be worse for your health than expectations. Because starving your body gets you no where. 

All you have to do is live by the motto, 'less is more' and 'everything in moderation'. Don't forget to treat yourself. 

If you normally eat a full bowl of rice, eat half a bowl instead, etc. 

Drink water and green tea. 

We all crave soda once in awhile, and it's totally fine to crave it. They put so much sugar in the drinks that it's expected to crave it. 

But also realize that water is so much better for you, and there are no calories. You can basically be full with just water alone (although I wouldn't recommend it!!) and you will have gained nothing but water weight. 

So next time you are given an option, just opt for water. The more you do that, the more natural it becomes. Everything takes time. 

As for green tea, it is proven to be good for your digestive track, and I do not disagree. Although I will say that green tea does have caffeine in it, so just as a heads up!

Make time to exercise. 

I find that during college I tend to give up exercising, because it isn't as important to me as sleep or being productive. Well, now that it's summer time I no longer have that excuse, and I find myself to be very happy. Now I have time to exercise. 

But also in order to have a healthy lifestyle, you gotta make it work with your schedule. So my goals for the next school year is to make time to exercise. But for now, I have all the time in the world, and I'm taking advantage of it!

Find your routine. 

Whether it be at the gym, or the process of you getting to where you need to be, you need to find your routine. Once you have a routine, then everything becomes normalized and it would start to feel weird if you miss something. 

Find your pace, and stick with it. 

Keep track...

This can mean whatever you want it to mean, but for me this means keeping track of the calories I intake. Of course, I don't go crazy for it. I still eat what my body needs to survive, but not only do I eat in moderation, I also keep my calorie in take low in general. 

If you are not a daily water drinker, I suggest you also keep track of your water intake. 

But in general, keep track of everything. Because then you can see the progress you make, and it will make everything feel worth it in the end. 

How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle? What are some of your goals? 

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