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How To: Get 7+ Hours of Sleep

How To: Get 7+ Hours of Sleep


When I tell people I sleep 7-8.5 hours a night, they give me the weirdest look and start questioning how I get enough time to study, etc, etc. 

Well, here are my tips to be able to get that amount of sleep!

Block it out on your schedule

I try really hard not to schedule anything after 9PM. 

Any time after 9PM is typically my time to get ready for bed, to relax before sleeping, and then actually sleeping. 

By setting a time for myself to not cross, I typically end up sleeping between 10-11PM. 

Try not to procrastinate until post-dinner

Honestly, this is the biggest thing I do. After dinner, I personally get into some sort of a funk, where I start getting lazy and my brain doesn't work as well.

So any time before dinner, I almost never procrastinate. 

Of course, I trained myself to do this, and it didn't come naturally to me. Even though I say I don't procrastinate, spending time on Instagram every hour or so is okay with me ;)

Don't do everything for one thing

Honestly, trying to fit in all your appointments and projects in one day is just not going to happen. 

So in my head, I always just focus on one or two things I need to get done that will go towards the ultimate project. Don't force yourself to get everything done... it'll lead to procrastination, because you won't want to do it all at once xD

Plan ahead

Honestly, people give me so much crap about being a planner, but what they don't understand is that by planning ahead, you're basically eliminating the chances of you freaking out, of you not getting your work done on time, and of you not getting enough sleep. 

When I see my friends not plan, they end up staying up past 12AM trying to get an essay out that's due the following day. And that's how sleeping schedules are ruined. 


This point goes hand in hand with the previous two points, but might be one of the most important points. 

If you prioritize sleep, then you will be able to plan ahead around your sleeping schedule. I recognize that we are all busy people, and we have things we need to get done, but I am a strong believer in lack of sleep = less productive & less motivated. 

So put your sleep/health first. 

don't drink caffeine after lunch

If I drink coffee after 12pm, I immediately know I'll be sleeping later, sleeping worse, and not getting my usual amounts of sleep. Which ends up making my following day relying on caffeine again and then...well, you see how the vicious cycle develops. 

Obviously I know caffeine is an addiction to many, so it's hard to say 'cut it out' and you can suddenly cut it out. My recommendation is to start with coffee in the morning, slowly sip it throughout the morning, and then switch to a caffeinated tea. Once you get used to the caffeinated tea, then switch to decaf. The length of this process changes depending on the person, but I promise this works. 

Get into the habit of hanging out with friends before a certain time. 

Kind of similar to the first point about blocking it out, I always tell my friends that I can hang out with them any time before 9PM. Because even if we hang out a little bit past 9PM, it won't matter too much. It's if we hang out post-9PM, then my sleeping schedule will go down a rabbit hole. 

Also, this sounds scary, especially if you want a social life...but trust me, you can have a social life and get plenty of sleep. 

chill before you sleep 

Some people think they can milk every second before their bed time to get work done. Well, even though I am not a scientist, I know that if you are consistently using your brain before you go to bed, then your brain won't stop moving even after the lights are off. 

This idea goes back into not scheduling or hanging out with people at least an hour before your bed time. Or do any work an hour before your bed time. Your brain needs that time to declutter, to shut up, and to not thing. You could watch Netflix (I do), or you could journal, read a book, meditate, listen to some music, etc. etc. 

How much sleep do you usually get? 

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