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How To: Curate a Basic but Flexible Wardrobe

How To: Curate a Basic but Flexible Wardrobe


I get questions sometimes about how I curated my current wardrobe that has a lot of basic pieces. Well, now I'm sharing my tips, and the pieces that I think every person needs. 

Of course, this is subject to your personality, your geographical location, and what you consider 'basic'. 

Start with what you love and know 

For example, if you know you love t-shirts, and you know how to style them, then buy a lot of t-shirts. 

Well, maybe not a lot, but enough the staple t-shirt styles.

Don't force yourself to purchase a specific item that you don't really know how to wear, because that'll make fashion a lot less fun. 

Choose a few stores you can trust with quality

Let's be real, you can buy those Forever 21 clothes all you want, but at the end of the day, you should stick with quality stores where you know their clothes will survive past the (trend) season. 

So find those stores that you know you can love, or that you love right now. 

If you are just starting out with curating a basic wardrobe, here are some of my favorite basic stores: 

Remember that it takes time, money, and effort

There's no way you can curate a basic wardrobe in a short amount of time. My basic wardrobe was curated over a period of 2-3 years, and that's mostly because I prefer quality pieces. 

So remember that even if you want a basic wardrobe, a basic wardrobe still isn't cheap.

Use accessories to follow trends 

The current trends are just trends - they come and they go. Or they come and they go and then they come back. 

Still, I think that having a basic wardrobe is still the way to go, especially because they will most likely be your based pieces. 

So in my opinion, it's fine to go follow a trend, but make sure you aren't investing in a lot of money in those trends (unless you have that amount of disposable income, then go for it!) because they will typically become money down the drain. 

Try trends through accessorizing, because if you can make it work for awhile, then you know it's a trend you'll stick with in the long(er) run. 

Of course, some trends cannot be bought via accessories like off shoulder/cold-shoulder tops, and it's fine to want to try that. Just make sure you aren't buying 10 versions of it. Try 1, and then see if you like it enough to spend more money on that trend. 

(I really don't like cold shoulder tops, so I didn't even bother trying it :'))

Color block the items you buy 

The best way to keep the wardrobe basic, is to avoid patterns. 

Buy the staple pieces in color blocks i.e. just one color. 

Because those one-colored tops will be able to be worn with more than one kind of outfit, and then it becomes easier to recycle. 

10 Basic Staple Pieces to Own 


Long-sleeve button-downs


(Faux) Leather Jacket 

Trench Coat

Denim (any color) 

A-Line skirt

Skater Skirt

Classic Booties 

Comfy & Standard Heels

10 Accessories to Use for Trends 







Hair accessories




How do you keep your wardrobe basic? Or do you want a basic wardrobe? 

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