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How To: Beat FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

How To: Beat FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)


Summer/Fall is basically conference season, and for bloggers, conferences are the best way to network and to find a wider range of audiences. 

But for me, I don't have the time or the resources to get to any. So I'm scared of having FOMO when the time comes. 

However, I know that I'm not the only one who has these moments, and sometimes it's for the simplest of all things i.e. not being invited to a party, or declining an invitation because of a prior engagement. 

Still, here are my tips for how I beat FOMO. 

Remember why you're choosing to miss out. 

To me, no matter what the event is, I always remember why I am not attending the event. 

For blog conferences, I'm a college student, and my college career is my top priority. I do not attend those events because it is not only time consuming but also financially consuming. And I remind myself of that. 

For other events i.e. declining an invitation for a hang out, I also try to remember why I had to decline in the first place. Maybe it's because of my job obligations, or the fact that I'm just plain tired. Put yourself first, and your social engagements second. 

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Stay focused on what you get to do/going to do. 

Sure, I miss out on blog conferences/hanging out with friends, but instead I get to work on my blog/do homework to pass my classes, and get to sleep/pamper myself. 

Don't focus on what you lost, but focus on what you gain. You can choose not to go to an event, but don't spend that time slot wallowing on you not being able to go. Find the positive within the sadness/FOMO.

Actively practice being happy for others. 

This has always been hard for me, mostly because I'm a competitive soul. 

But I've come to learn that when I'm happy for others, I get less FOMO tendencies. 

How do I actively practice being happy for others? By realizing how hard they work to get there, and how dedicated they are to everything else in their life to deserve such moments. 

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Choose to do something else. 

Similar to my previous points, but slightly different: plan ahead to do something else. 

For example, I miss all these conferences because of my geographical location, financial abilities, and time restrictions, but that doesn't mean I won't be able to go to them next year, or the year after. 

Remember that those conferences/meetings/hangouts will come back to you again, if it was meant to be. 

Do you ever suffer from FOMO? If so, what do you do to combat those feelings? 

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