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How To: Be Positive

How To: Be Positive


I am quite a negative person in general, but I usually emit a very positive persona. I know that makes me sound odd, but I've come to develop my own positive mindset, that I am a very big fan of. 

So anyway, here are my tips for being positive. 

c'est la vie mindset 

C'est la vie means 'such is life'. This is basically how I live my life. 

If something happens, positive or negative, I just think about how it's happened, and it's the way life is supposed to be. I just learn to live with it. 

accept the results 

Honestly, I think one of the quickest way to lose that positive mindset is dwelling on the results, wondering what you could've done differently, what you might've changed if you acted differently, and what you wish the result would be. 

So no matter what I do in life, whether it's applying for jobs, or taking an exam, I just accept the results. If I worked hard for it, or even if I didn't work hard for it, I just accept it. 

Because the result has already been given, it's already happened, so what's the point of dwelling on it right? 

believe in the good, not the bad 

A lot of people I know focus on the bad in everything. Now, I'm not even talking about the results, but just the bad in general - the bad in people, the bad in a situation, or the bad in life. 

But that's not the way to live. 

Think about the good, think about all the good things/people/situations in your life. 

For example, I constantly remember the good in being in a long term and long distance relationship while I'm at college. 

I think about the time I may have saved if I was single, but also the fact that I'm lucky enough to be independently on my own, to be able to do what I like without the tie down of a regular relationship. (Okay, without making my relationship sound like a transaction, I do really love my SO! These are just the residual benefits of being in love :)) 

move on

Similar to 'accept the results', but this is just one step further. 

Accept the results, and then move on to your next project/situation/person. In my opinion, even if you learn to accept the results but don't move on, then you're still stuck in that same mindset, and not thinking positive. 

Moving on means that you are thinking positively about the next situation that might happen. And the more you move on from the results, the more you realize how much good things have happened to you thus far. 

How do you stay positive?
Or how are you trying to stay positive?

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