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How To: Accept and Embrace Change

How To: Accept and Embrace Change


Since it is graduation season, I thought I would share my personal tips for accepting and embracing the change, any change, that happens to you. 

Unfortunately, change is going to happen, no matter how much you try to avoid it, and knowing that it's going to happen no matter what, here are my tips for embracing it. 

Change your mindset. 

If you constantly see change as a negative thing, then you'll forever view it as a negative thing. But if you start to view change as a positive thing happening to you, then you will come to accept it and embrace it when it happens. 

Mindset does matter, and while this tip seems easier said than done, I will be the first to admit that it does take practice. But I'm a big believer that the more you view the coming changes as a positive thing, the more your new mindset will become normalized. And then the world will become your oyster. 

View it as a way to grow. 

I always view change, no matter what form it is in, as a way to grow as a human being. 

I'm not perfect, and you're not perfect. And while we can strive for that ideal, there is no way we can get there without having some changes in our world. 

Stay positive. 

Even if at the moment it feels hard and you don't want to face the change, stay positive. 

Realize that while at this very moment it will feel hard, it will also become easy very soon, because you will have grown from the change, and found a way to work through it. 

Everything happens for a reason. 

This is one of my many personal mottos, and it is my motto for a reason. Because it's true. While I do not believe in a religious figure(s), I do believe that what goes around comes around. Everything happens for a reason. The reason may have been a past choice/decision you have made, or just the consequences of that choice/decision. 

I mean, if you really look into any changes, it all boils down to something you did in the past, so understand that it's come back full circle. 

Don't look back. 

While everything happens for a reason, don't dwell on the past and don't look back. 

I find that it's really hard to embrace any change if you are stuck in the past, and regretting anything you once did. Living a life with regrets on your mind will prevent you from enjoying the present, and looking forward to the future. Regrets and the past have a more negative impact that many people believe, and I'm a big believer in living a life of no regrets. 

Of course, learning from the past is definitely ok, and highly encouraged, because that's taking the past and spinning it into something positive. The world can always have more of that. 

Dear The Person Who Inspired This Blog Post

Much congratulations on your graduation, and I wish you nothing but the very best. I know change is hard, and I know reading about it makes everything seem easier than it actually is, but trust me, it just takes lots and lots of practice. 

No one in this world likes change (no matter what others try to tell you), but some people have just gotten used to it enough that it's become accepted and even welcomed at times. You can do it, I believe in you, and I can't wait to see where your post-grad life will take you <3 

What are your tips on accepting and embracing change? 

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