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Graduation Week: How To Say Goodbye

Graduation Week: How To Say Goodbye

Sometimes the hardest thing about graduating or leaving a particular space is saying the good byes. I am grateful enough that I've had enough experiences with goodbye's that I've become quite immune at it. 

Of course, I am a sentimental person, so that means I'll still cry. But I know when it's time to let go, and just move on. 

So today's post is for all those graduates out there, who are wondering how they will say goodbye to their friends, professors, and a place where they called home for 4 years. 

Think of all the good memories 

Sometimes when we are in such a sad situation, we focus on the sadness, which, in this case is not being able to see the people we love as much any more. 

But I think when we start focusing on all the good moments we've had with the person, then it makes it easier to say goodbye, because you are able to remember them with a positive mindset. And a positive mindset is everything when you say goodbye. So when you are seeing them for the last time in a college campus, think of all the times you've laughed together, experienced something new together, and have been together.

Tell them how much you appreciate them 

Remind them why you love them, why they are so important to you. Not going to lie, I'm pretty bad at this myself, BUT, I've developed a way to be able to do this...and that is to write letters. 

Yes, it's an old art form, but if you're like me who aren't too good with words, than it's actually a great way to express yourself, to reminisce, and it'll be something they can save for the rest of their lives. 

Remind them that you will always be there for them 

This is something I wrote in all my friends letters, that I will always be their friend, and thus, be a phone call, or depending on where they are, a drive away. If you did the above point right or well, then they should be able to feel that without you needing to remind them. But a reminder isn't harmful :)

Say goodbye without (too much) crying 

Okay, I feel like I'll get slack for this but... I'm still going to stand by this point. Not because crying is bad or you shouldn't do it, but because as soon as one person starts tearing up, it leads to tears on everyone, and well, it's hard to say goodbye clearly when you're a blubbering mess. 

So try not to cry, at least not while you are telling them how much they mean to you. 

I've written a similar post that is more specific to saying goodbye to friends, loved ones, and the past which you can also read here. It's a lot more detailed!

How do you handle saying goodbyes?

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