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How To: Fake Extraversion

How To: Fake Extraversion

I am an introvert. 

But sometimes I need to be an extrovert. 

So here is my how-to guide to fake extraversion. But obviously this isn't comprehensive ;P

Smile and laugh. 

I think if you smile and laugh a lot, you can definitely pass off being extroverted.While it won't get you all the way, if others see that you are very active in that way, they can begin to associate you with being extroverted. 

I can't tell you how often I've been mistaken as an extroverted person because of the way I laugh, and how much I laugh :P I'm also a loud person so...that's probably part of it too! 

Push yourself. 

I think it is easy to hold yourself within your bubble and never push yourself outside of that bubble/comfort circle. 

I am a naturally introverted person because I love my personal space and I love being able to have my own thoughts without worrying about others. But there are times in my life when I have actively told myself, 'no, you cannot stay like this. Do better. Meet new people. Be uncomfortable.' 

And it's worked. A lot of my current college friends were achieved through that mantra to myself on the first day of school, and I'm thankful that I did that then rather than now. 

Remember that introversion is okay. 

We see the world as a place that awards extraversion more than introversion and sometimes that puts those of us who are introverted in a weird space. 

Well, I think we need to recognize that introversion is okay, and sometimes even better. 

Because can you imagine a world full of extroverted people? It would be like one giant party and there would never be any peace and quiet. 

So don't beat yourself up for being introverted. Because it is more than okay. 

Look for adventure. 

One sure fire way of bringing out the extroverted part of you is to seek adventure. And this doesn't have to be anything big either. You don't have to do international travel to see that as adventure. 

Go for a hike. Explore your town. Do something new. 

Adventure is an objective word, so do whatever you are comfortable with, but definitely seek it out. 

Take time for yourself!

Even though there are times when one would need to be extraverted, I think it's always more important to remember to take care of yourself. 

For every hour of extraversion I display, I always take an hour to be alone, to do something, like Netflix, with myself and remember that I deserve this time. 

No amount of extraversion should be displayed without giving yourself time to heal. Because let's be frank, if you are not naturally an extravert, faking extraversion is really taxing on you mentally and physically. 

So don't forget to take breaks! 

Do you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert? Or are you a bit of both? 

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